Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 31st August

We start today’s posting way, way back in 31 AD when Roman emperor Caligula (born Gaius Julius Caeser Germanicus), started out, though it was a few years before he started building straight roads. Not to be outdone, Commodus, fellow Roman emperor arrived in 161 and carried on the tradition. Alternative teacher Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori taught her parents a thing or two from 1870. Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria, took a few years to get to the throne after 1880. Seventh President of the Republic of the Philippines Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay was able to say say today was his birthday from 1907. Actor from Knight Rider (among other roles), John Richard Baseheart didn’t get a repeat performance having been born in 1914. Ex-Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila with the rather unfortunate surname, Cardinal Jaime Lachica Sin, never repented over entering the world in 1928. Tap dancing, trumpet playing and secondary inhaler of nicotine, Roy Castle hit the right note being delivered in 1932. Known equally for his war reporting as for wearing the same suit throughout his stint as an MP, Martin Bell got through a lot more linen back in 1938. Miserablist Belfast born singer George Ivan ‘Van’ Morrison was a beautiful vision, (to his parents), in 1945. Conspiracy theorist Jerome Robert Corsi unearthed the truth about his birth in 1946. White suited 26th President of Thailand with the red sash and medals, Somchai Wongsawat started his service in 1947. Member of German hard rock band The Scorpions, Rudolf Schenker felt the wind of change in more ways than one from 1948. Favourite American actor for ladies of a certain age, (but not hamsters, or was it gerbils?), Richard Tiffany Gere was breathless in 1949. Singer/songwriter with Squeeze, Glenn Martin Tilbrook was more than tempted given he was born in 1957. ‘Flippin’ heck Tucker, Todd Jennings/Carter made his debut in 1963. Norwegian of the day is cross country skier Anita Moen Bonden who went for the classic kick and glide method of being born in 1967. Serial killer, (Gianni Versace being but one of his victims), Andrew Philip Cunanan started out in his quest to enter the ’27 Club’ in 1969. Big hat wearing singer from the 80’s, Deborah Ann ‘Debbie’ Gibson arrived out of the blue in 1970. Champion divot maker Pádraig P. Harrington left the bunker in 1971. Overpaid ball kicker and diver, Rolando Jorge Pires da Fonseca went into overtime during his birth in 1985.

As for deaths, odd looking bald King Henry V of England rolled over in 1442, without ending up in a council run car park. Danish physician Olaus Wormius or Ole Worm found he actually became worm food in 1654. Composer Gottfried Finger pointed west from this day in 1730. Teller of tall tales and sharpshooter/showman William Frank ‘Doc’ Carver was unable to expand on his life in 1927. Heavyweight boxing champion Rocco Francis Marchegiano, who was known as Rocky Marciano started shadow boxing in 1969. 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand Norman Eric Kirk beamed himself up in 1974. Keeping with the political theme, second President of Rhodesia John James Wrathall, died in 1978 and would be spinning in his grave if he knew what TIM, (That Idiot Mugabe), had done to a once lovely country. Eighth President of Finland Urho Kekkonen didn’t find himself in another cabinet, rather a coffin from 1986. Also not making it through that year, semi abstract sculptor Henry Moore had his body contorted into a box. Ex-wife to Chas and mum to Bill & Harry, ‘The Queen of People’s Hearts’ who some would say was a media manipulator, Princess Diana (Died In A Nasty Accident) and Dodi (Died On Dashboard Instrument),Fayed didn’t make it back to their Paris hotel in 1997. Having mentioned Todd Carty (above), here’s one of his co-stars from Grange Hill, Maurice Bronson or to give his real name, Michael Sheard started another life in 2005. Stalwart entertainer Walter William Bygraves, but went by the name Max Bygraves, found himself in a grave in 2012. Sometime comedian, sometime serious interviewer and journo David Frost lost his seafaring legs in 2013. Finally, Mexican actress María Eugenia Llamas Andresco left the Marachi band playing in 2014.


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