Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st September

Today’s posting begins with William IV, Prince of Orange- Nassau Stadtholder of the United Provinces (or the Netherlands), started out in white way back in 1711. Law abiding newspaper mogul James Gordon Bennett Sr. had a colour shift in 1795. I knew Englebert Humperdinck was old, but I never knew he was also a German composer who wrote Hänsel und Gretel, let alone arriving stage right in 1854. Writer known for creating Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs swung low in 1875. Indian singer Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar warmed his vocal chords up for the first time in 1895. Having mentioned Rocky Marciano only yesterday when he was counted to 10 and didn’t get up, here he is again given he went the distance in 1923. 11th President of Bangladesh Abdur Rahman Biswas passed his first motion in 1926. Another(!) English MP caught up in a scandal (or two) during his time in Parliament, Cecil Edward Parkinson started representing himself from 1931. Also born that year, Lecil Travis Martin, who became known as Country (yawn), singer ‘Boxcar Willie’ wanted to be taken home. A couple of years later, having started off as a rock’n’roll and then R&B singer, before, (for some reason), settling on Country music, Harold Lloyd Jenkins or Conway Twitty had the nurses look into his tear drops in the maternity ward back in 1933. One third of open shirt, hairy chested, medallion wearing, bleached teeth brotherly group, ‘The Bee Gees’, Barry Alan Crompton Gibb has been stayin’ alive since 1946, (unlike his brothers). Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García, or just Gloria Estefan probably had Dr. Beat involved with her birth in 1957. Footballer with the Hungarian Puli hair, captain of the Dutch team throughout dullfest of Euro 88, Ruud Gullit made it through the transfer window in 1962. One of the ringleaders of the September 11th atrocities Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad hijacked his mum’s day in 1968. Norwegian of the day, slap head ball kicker Henning Stille Berg got his hospital pass in 1969. Ex-squeeze of Salman Rushdie, Padma Parvati Lakshmi Vaidynathan took the lead in 1970. Sort of Norwegian of the day, singer/songwriter Stella Nyambura Mwangi had a smile in 1986.

Deaths today are thin on the ground, but they do include the only English Pope – Adrian V stopped eating pasta and praying in 1159. Explorer who claimed Canada for France, Jacques Cartier had his wings clipped terminally in 1557. Fourth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism Guru Ram Das started having people chant his name from 1581. King of France, Louis XIV or Louis the Great or the Sun King started to appreciate the dark from 1715. Actor of the stage, screen and television, Murray Hamilton headed toward the unknown in 1986. Sports commentator/television presenter Brian Baden Moore wasn’t granted extra time in 2001. One half of the Bacarach/David songwriting partnership, Harold Lane ‘Hal’ David didn’t get to walk on by again after 2012. Finally, known for his role in developing Spandex, Joseph Clois Shivers Jr., rather ironically shrunk in 2014.


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