Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th September

We start today’s posting with King Louis XIV of France, he of the man tights, tall cane and Brian May hair gets another mention a mere IV days ago after his death, as he was a ray of sunshine to his parents from 1638. Continuing the family tradition composer Johann Christian Bach, son of Johann Sebastian Bach, started screaming in B flat major from 1735. Sixth President of Chile Manuel Francisco Antonio Julían Montt Torres warmed up shortly after birth in 1809. Having graduated from an island (Guernsey), to a continent (Australia), explorer Edmund Besley Court Kennedy started surveying the world in 1818. Founder of almanack bearing his name, ex-cricketer John Wisden wasn’t stumped after his birth in 1826. Distiller of whiskey from Tennessee with the hat and goatee beard, Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel had the bung removed in 1849. Infamous outlaw (who was mentioned in April when killed) and subject of dire Cher hit single, Jesse Woodson James initially broke free in 1847. Second President of India Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan started being wrapped up from 1888. 33rd Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Scelba was born through the usual channels in 1901. One half of Canadian comedy duo Wayne and Shuster, Frank Shuster didn’t come out laughing in 1916. Known by fans for playing Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street, Johnny Briggs left the magic box in 1935. One time James Bond, George Robert Lazenby hasn’t managed to keep his birthday a secret since 1939. Four time married actress with a couple of notable points, Jo Raquel Tejada or Raquel Welch, was bedazzled in 1940. Scottish born folk-rock singer Alistair Ian ‘Al’ Stewart reckons he was born in the year of the cat, when in actual fact 1945 was the year of the rooster. Another singer, this one buck toothed front man to the aptly named Queen, Farrokh Bulsara or Freddie Mercury wanted to break free in Zanzibar back in 1946. Michael John Douglas, (not the recovering sex maniac married to Catherine Zeta Jones), but actor Michael Keaton found he didn’t have a different approach to being born in 1951. Born Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa to alternative rocker Frank in 1969, he obviously got bored of being called Ian given he changed his name to Dweezil. Living Norwegian of the day is fellow musician Sondre Lerche who screeched his way through in 1982.

As for people meeting the reaper, these include, among others: sixth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Parr was unable to succeed in living from 1548. Having mentioned sixth President of Chile (above), here’s the first holder of the position – Manuel José Blanco y Calvo de Encalada found he didn’t get to wear his sash again after 1876. Native American war leader Thašúnke Witkó, or Crazy Horse, found out the hard way about taking on a bayonet in 1877. Real life ‘Bob’, (short for Kate according to Blackadder), wo/man (depending on when you met her/him), Sarah Emma Edmonds finally took her trousers off in 1898. Founder of Australia’s largest chain of department stores bearing his name, Sidney Myer probably rued not setting up a chain of funeral directors in 1934. Renowned Estonian tenor Georg Ots didn’t manage another deep breath after 1975. Second World War fighter ace without legs, who could dance as well as me, Group Captain Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader found himself grounded in more ways than one in 1982. Having mentioned Princess Diana’s mate with the tea towel on her head only a few days ago, (see 20th August) in honour of her birthday, here’s Mother Teresa again given she swopped her tea towel for a shroud in 1997. Dead Norwegian of the day, musician Thomas Hansen finally ‘came home’ after taking various drugs in 2007. Finally, last surviving occupant of the Führerbunker Rochus Misch found himself underground again from 2013.


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