Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th September

Today’s posting begins with the only philosopher not mentioned in Eric Idle’s song about them, Moses Mendelssohn thought long and hard about being born in 1729. Researcher into various diverse things (including colour blindness), John Dalton started viewing the world in all its colourful glory, (with the possible exception of red or was it pink?) from 1766. Writer of Bambi who probably regretted selling the rights for $1,000 – Siegmund Salzmann, or as it stated on the dust cover, Felix Salten took his own faltering steps about a year after being born in 1869. Dad to American political dynasty still going today, and to one of the most iconic Presidents America has had, not to mention having various airports, roads, bridges, schools, shopping malls, ponds etc bearing his name -Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. democratically decided to make his inaugural entrance to the world in 1888. Popular silent film actress Clara Kimball Young, found the way out in 1890. Time to take a deep breath as Claus George Willem Otto Fredrik Geert van Amsberg, (only later to become Prince Claus of the Netherlands when he got hitched to Queen Beatrix), probably took as long to be born as it took his parents to come up with his name (and say it) in 1926. Unamusing comedian with the mutt, Bernie Weinstein/Winters knew who’s baby he was in 1932. Co-founder, (born in Great Bookham, Surrey) of Prog rock band Pink Floyd who’ve somehow managed to shift 250 million albums around the planet, (thereby giving him enough money to buy another Ferrari), George Roger Waters found the wind blowing in 1943. Sylvester, no not the cartoon cat, but falsetto screecher Sylvester James Jr., was mighty real in 1947. Corrupt, tax dodging and money laundering 117th Prime Minister of Portugal José Sócrates Carvalho Pinto de Sousa, actually kept his promise of being born this day in 1957. Douglas Trendle, or slap head singer Buster Bloodvessel forged ahead in 1958. Main player, (well, song writer and guitarist) with Norwegian band A-ha, born Pål Waaktaar Gamst, now known as Paul Waaktar-Savoy had his parents take him on for the next 20 odd years from 1961. Curly haired squeaky voiced singer with the one hit single, Natalie Renée MacIntyre or Macy Gray probably was a super baby back in 1967. Another singer, Cecillia Veronica Peniston or CeCe Peniston finally got to celebrate her birthday from 1969. Lead member of band The Cranberries, Deloris O’Riordan didn’t linger during birth in 1974. Actor half named after a ginger beer, Idrissa ‘Idris’ Akuna Elba wasn’t the unborn in 1972. Next up are two tennis ball hitters who had their day at Wimbledon back in the late 90’s – first up is Canadian, (or for the benefit of us Brits, British), net botherer Gregory ‘Greg’ Rusedski had a perfect delivery in 1973. The other is proper Brit Timothy Henry ‘Tim’ Henman, who reached the deciding point in 1974. Singer with Swedish group The Cardigans, Nina Elisabet Persson has been unable to erase/rewind since 1974. One time plugger of freezer chain Iceland, two time bankrupt, three time married and five time mum Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Kay, (née Katona, formerly McFadden/Croft) wasn’t a celebrity but still wanted to get out of her mum’s stomach in 1980. Prince Bill’s sister in law, paper plate and party popper salesperson, Philippa Charlotte ‘Pippa’ Middleton joined the party in 1983.

Death wise it appears to be a pretty quiet day, but we do start with Pope John XIII who joined the ranks of the dead in 972. Explorer and cartographer Robert Dudley plotted his demise in 1649. Olympic silver medalist in archery, Charles Sherman Woodruff Jr., quivered for the last time in 1927. Seventh Prime Minister of South Africa, (credited with conceiving and implementing Apartheid), Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd found himself separated from the world himself given he was assassinated in 1966. Composer of light music Roland Binge obviously had one drink too many and didn’t make another day in 1979. Actress who used to be tied to the railway tracks whilst having dramatic piano music played over this happening, Sarah Blanche Sweet went somewhat sour from 1986. Contender for the Mr Creosote looky likey trophy, Luciano Pavarotti stopped waving his white hanky about in 2007. Terence Paul ‘Terry’ Nutkins didn’t get to go really wild after today in 2012. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day Bishop Odd Bondevik called on his mates to officiate at his funeral in 2014.


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