Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th September

We celebrate the births of the following today, starting with Alī ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Ali or just Ali al-Hadi the tenth of the Twelve Shia Imams prophesied his arrival in 829. King of England and Duke of Normandy, Richard I or Richard the Lionheart, (I could go on with his other eight titles but won’t), struck out in 1157. His counterpart in Portugal, Sancho II didn’t want to be outdone as he arrived in 1209. Georg Michaelis, not quite the cannabis smoking, public toilet loitering singer, but sixth Chancellor of the German Empire (for all of about three months), was a serious child from 1857. American Country singer partial to yodelling, (thankfully I’ve never heard it, nor will I bother to research it further), but James Charles ‘Jimmy’ Rodgers screamed his way out in 1897. Having mentioned Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd the South African Prime Minister who founded apartheid a mere two days ago when he became permanently segregated, here he is again when he started off in the Netherlands back in 1901. Actor Frank Randolph Cady must have had some birthday cards starting ‘Dear Brat’ from 1915. First of the Goons to be born today is Harry Secombe who took the low road in 1921. Comedian/actor Isaac Sidney ‘Sid’ Caesar found what a mad, mad, mad, mad world he’d entered in 1922. The next Goon to feature today had a previous mention on 24th July when he handed his papers in – we celebrate the comedy genius that is Richard Henry ‘Peter’ Sellers who made his own unique debut in 1925. Another Country singer, (thankfully minus the yodelling), Virginia Patterson Hensley or Patsy Cline, got to see the world in 1932. Indian singer immortalised in the Cornershop song, Asha Bhosle found everyone needs a bosom for a pillow in 1933. Contender, (until the last Primary), in this year’s Presidential Race, Bernard ‘Bernie’ Sanders started waving his fingers about in 1941. Founder of the Skeptics Society Michael Shermer was born in 1954, though I’m not entirely convinced by this. Second rate F1 driver who managed one podium win and amassed an impressive eight points in his career spanning eight years, Japanese dawdler Aguri Suzuki eventually manoeuvred his way through in 1960. Norwegian of the day goes to musician/songwriter Joachim Nielsen or ‘Jokke’ had his initial release in 1964. Having starred in Ricky Gervais’ sit-com The Office as well as The Hobbit, (along with a few other projects along the way), Martin John Christopher Freeman was in the altogether back in 1971. Also born that year is son to scandal ridden, phone hacking tittle tattle merchant and Mr J. Hall – Rupert, Lachlan Murdoch arrived on the scene, but surprisingly didn’t make headlines. Latter day Madonna, popster Alecia Beth Moore, or Pink/P!nk as she’s also known has been tryin to get the party since 1979.

People at the other end of the spectrum include Pope Sergius I who had his successor waft some incense about whilst reciting a prayer in his honour back in 701. To follow the Pope, there’s an Antipope – this one Antipope Clement III didn’t get his successor to waft incense about whilst reciting a prayer in his honour back in 1100. Dad to playwright William Shakespeare, John Shakespeare stopped giving his son ideas for characters in 1601. King of Arab Kingdom of Syria, (before it fell to despot dictators) and later Iraq, (also before it fell to other despot dictators), Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi put his hookah pipe down in 1933. Composer Richard Georg Strauss went D Flat Major in 1949. Inventor of the microwave oven, Percy Labaron Spencer heard his last ping from the hospital machine in 1970, but thought his meal was ready. Actor Robert Creel ‘Brad’ Davis had a small circle of friends at his funeral in 1991. One of the ‘Nine Old Men’, (Walt Disney’s team of original animators), Franklin Rosborough ‘Frank’ Thomas found himself distinctively less animated from 2004. Finally, Indian actor Murali had his best ever death scene in 2010.


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