Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 9th September

William Bligh, captain of HMS Bounty before being appointed Guv’nor of New South Wales kicks today’s births paragraph off given he was cut adrift in 1754. Straggly bearded writer of War & Peace, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (or just Leo Tolstoy to you and me), found there was only one way to be born in 1828. ‘The Demon Bowler’, aka Frederick Robert ‘Fred’ Spofforth had the chop on in 1853. Fourth President of the Philippines Sergio Osmenã Sr., began the political dynasty in 1878. Founder of greasy finger food takeaway as well as chav’s and litter pickers favourite – KFC, Harland David ‘Colonel’ Sanders sizzled his family when born in 1890. Known for his role in the Batman TV series in the 1960’s, James Neil Hamilton found isn’t life wonderful from 1899. Having mentioned Governor of NSW, here’s John Grey Gorton who climbed the slippery pole a little higher making it to be 19th Aussie Prime Minister and was a ray of sunshine to his parents from 1911. Ninth President of the Italian Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro prayed to be born in 1918. Femme fatale Bettejane Greer/Jane Greer thought, ‘they won’t believe me’ when she told them she arrived in 1924. Singer/songwriter Otis Ray Redding Jr., started shouting bamalama among other words from 1941. Olympic medal winning ice skater John Anthony Curry had a free leg in 1949. One half of both The Tourists and Eurythmics who suffered from ‘Paradise Syndrome’, (until it all went wrong), David Allan ‘Dave’ Stewart was right by his mother’s side in 1952. Divine Brown’s favourite client, (sorry actor), Hugh John Mungo Grant went through nine months prep before his big debut in 1960. Person who hurtles down an ice track on not much more than a tea tray, Georg Hakl slid out in 1966. Also born that year, comedy actor Adam Richard Sandler wasn’t only his grandma’s boy, but also his parents. Known for playing Saffron Monsoon in great sit-com Absolutely Fabulous, Julia Sawalha wasn’t press ganged into birth 48 years ago. Another of Rod Stewart’s ex-wives, Rachel Hunter had her first close up in 1969. Reader from an autocue in the newsroom, Natasha Kaplinski was obviously born to shine in 1972. Singer Mickey Bubbles or Michael Bublé, who’s made a living out of making songs that all sound the same as the last one, held onto his mum in 1975. Living Norwegian of the day is heavily tattooed shouter to various genres of music, Kristoffer Rygg, who also goes by the names: Garm, Trickster G. Rex and now God Head, didn’t record a quick birth in 1976.

Dead Norwegian of the day, Olaf Tryggvason or Olaf I starts the deaths paragraph as he must have enough of the long winter nights given he didn’t experience another winter after 1000. Star of the Bayeux Tapestry, William the Conqueror stopped conquering in 1087. Keeping with ancient royalty, King of Portugal and the Algarve, and when he wasn’t doing that he was lording it up as Lord of Ceuta, Duarte, or Edward, let his garter slip in 1438. King of Scotland James IV has the distinction of being the last monarch of Great Britain to be killed in battle, when he went to meet his maker in 1513. Fourth President of the Third Republic of France, François Paul Jules Grévy found his opportunities somewhat lacking from 1891. Talented but inbred artist with the really short legs, Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec didn’t get to put his monocle on again after 1901. Having mentioned baseball player and businessman Albert Spalding only a week ago in celebration of his birthday, here he is again given he didn’t get another home run after 1915. Actor known for his role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (among other films), John Irwin McGiver, found the spirit is willing from 1975. Founding father of the People’s Republic of China as First Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong or Mao Tse-tung aka Chairman Mao, (who also liked his little grey suit), dropped his chop sticks in 1976. Co-founder of Warner Bros. film studio, Jakob Wonsal, who changed his name to Jack Leonard ‘JL’ Warner unspooled himself in 1978. Having mentioned James Neil Hamilton (above), here’s his fellow actor from the Batman TV series, (Oliver) Burgess Meredith wasn’t joking about his death in 1997. Finally another actor, Dennis Linn Miller, or Denny Scott Miller came to the end of his trail in 2014.


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