Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th September

We celebrate the births of the following today, starting with – Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, who didn’t take over his family’s fruit farm but became Pope Julius III and was quite diplomatic about his arrival in 1487. Composer of Baroque music, Henry Purcell made an impromptu entrance in 1659. Architect in the neo-classical style with his old house in London now a museum, John Soan(e) laid the foundations to his life in 1753. 11th President of Mexico, Nicolás Bravo Rueda obviously had his family clapping at his bedside during birth in 1786. Creator of the Violet Crumble, Abel Hoadley was a bit crinkly when delivered in 1844. Hilda ‘H.D.’ Doolittle, (no relation to the Dr.), actually did quite a bit in life from 1886. Fred Astaire’s older sis, dancer/actress Adele Marie Austerlitz started tapping her feet in 1896. Having given a shout, (or should it be bark?) out to one of the few non human celebs back on 10th August when he passed away, here’s Rin Tin Tin again given he had a normal presentation in 1918. Artist with the distinctive way of painting people, Beryl Cook drew out her birth in 1926. White haired fashion designer who likes to wander round with a little fan and white hankie, not forgetting his dark glasses, Karl Otto Lagerfeld didn’t get a say over his nappies in 1933. Video game designer who invented the Nintendo Game Boy, Gunpei Yokoi started running around the place about a year after his birth in 1941. Guitarist José Montserrat Feliciano García, (or just José Feliciano), was part of the younger generation in 1945. Ginger haired warbler from the 80’s, Carol Ann Decker put her heart and soul into being born back in 1957. Film director of various blockbusters, Chris Joseph Columbus found the adventures in babysitters from 1958. Also born that year, singer with Banarama and ex-Mrs D Stewart, Siobhan Fahey had her now or never moment. Act tor who’s made the film companies $3 billion from his efforts, Colin Andrew Firth tumbled down in 1960. Ex-pub landlord, current film director and ex-Mr Madonna, Guy Stuart Ritchie wasn’t quite swept away with proceedings in 1968. Living Norwegian of the day, Winter Olympian Bente Skari (née Martinsen), set off in 1972.

As for deaths, Henry II of Champagne or Henry I of Jerusalem lost his fizz somewhat in 1197. Italian Saint and mystic, Nicholas of Tolentino had the mystery as to when he’d die answered in 1305. King of Hungry and Croatia then King of Poland as well as being Duke of Transylvania on a Wednesday and Friday, Louis I/Louis the Great/Louis the Hungarian was ahead of the game on the Transylvanian front back in 1382. Charles III, Prince of Monaco and Duke of Valentinois left the casino in 1889. Story writer and playwright Sukumar Ray finished his last chapter in 1923. Founder of Crufts Dog Show, Charles Cruft rolled over in 1938. Self styled God – Father Divine, or Reverend M.J. Divine also known as Reverend Major Jealous Divine, didn’t get divine intervention in 1965. The world’s heaviest man weighing in at 100 stone, 1,400lb or 635kg, (all weights are approximate), Jon Brower Minnoch didn’t get to eat another 13 burgers, 20 pancakes or 15 portions of chips, (fries to my American fans), in 1983. Prime Minister before graduating to the bigger chair in the State Presidents office in South Africa, Balthazar Johannes (John) Vorster ran his term in 1983. Founder of ethical cosmetics company The Body Shop, Anita Roddick had a fair trade – her life for a coffin in 2007. Finally, known for playing Jaws in two James Bond films, 7ft 1.5 in (or 2.17m if you want to be pedantic), Richard Dawson Kiel was out of this world in 2014.


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