Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th September

People born today include, among others, the wonderfully named explorer Mungo Park who was seventh out of thirteen children and landed on earth in 1771. Lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss made it through the wide aperture in 1816. Notorious American murderer Hawley Harvey Crippen wasn’t left hanging in 1862, he had to wait until 1910 for that to happen. Writer of once scandalous book, Lady Chatterley’s Lover – David Herbert (D.H.) Lawrence joined the merry go round in 1885. Composer and winner of an Oscar for best original score in The Wizard of Oz, Herbert P. Stothart heard optimistic voices back in 1885. Husband of shoe enthusiast Imelda and 20th President of Indonesia, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Sr., got used to strong willed women from 1917. Also born that year, actor known for playing tic prone Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in the great Pink Panther film franchise, Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchačevič ze Schluderpacheru , or just Herbert Lom, found the screaming started. No relation to Dr. Crippen above, (as far as I know), more law abiding citizen Robert Laurel ‘Bob’ Crippen, the NASA astronaut blasted off in 1937. Co-founder of frustrating computer programme company Adobe, (the one that constantly asks if you want to update it), Charles M. ‘Chuck’ Geschke downloaded in 1939. German ball kicker Franz Anton Beckenbauer didn’t join the fahrstuhlmannschaften club in 1945. Ex-Charlwood, (Surrey) resident and World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle racer Barry Steven Frank Sheene made it through the chicane in 1950. Relative to writer Herman Melville, Richard Melville Hall, or Moby to his fans, had more hair in 1965 than he does today, (it must be his diet). Also born that year is long necked odd faced dictator responsible for the current immigrant crisis emanating from his war torn country, Bashar al-Asad didn’t cling on too long back then. Singer/actor Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr., was a happy little elf in 1967. Singer/songwriter and ex-front man with The Verve, now warbling by himself – Richard Paul Ashcroft was handed the keys to the world in 1971. Christopher Brian ‘Chris’ Bridges, who somewhat wisely goes by the name ‘Ludacris’, had his release therapy in 1977. Wide eyed Indian actress Shriya Saran Bhatnagar, who’s known only as Shriya, made her debut in 1982.

The deaths paragraph starts with Philip of Artois who found his days of drinking lager with wife beating qualities over in 1298. 108th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Go-Mizunoo was unable to sit with his legs crossed after 1680. Co-founder of family merchant banking business, (which carried on until 1995 when a certain Nick Leeson took one risk too many and it collapsed), Sir Francis Baring, 1st Baronet ran out of credit in 1810.
Vegetarian temperate member Reverend Sylvester Graham found his non drinking vegetable diet didn’t do him any favours in 1851. Miserable looking seventh President of Argentina Domingo Faustino Sarmiento stopped eating steak in 1888. Dead Norwegian of the day, Olympic medal winning sharp shooter Ole Østmo certainly wasn’t on target in 1923. Second Prime Minister of South Africa, Jan Christiaan Smuts cleaned up his act after 1950. Co-founder of Delta (Don’t Ever Leave The Airport) Airlines, Collett E. Woolman lost his directional stability in 1966. Slap head First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev took his finger off the button in 1971. Having mentioned cartoonist Max Fleischer on the 19th July when he entered the world, here he is again given ended up permanently erased in 1972. 30th President of Chile, Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens left his mark in 1973. Actress Jessica Alice Tandy entered the still of the night in 1994. It wouldn’t be right not to mention all the innocent victims in the September 11th terrorist attacks who tragically lost their lives in 2001. Finally, act tor of stage, screen and sit-com, Donald Alfred Sinden didn’t have that lucky touch in 2014.


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