Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th September

King of France not called Louis, but Francis starts today’s posting given he started leading the way in 1494. Inventor of the machine gun bearing his name, Richard Jordan Gatling successfully discharged himself in 1818. Herbert Henry Asquith the British Prime Minister who led, (though not literally), the country into World War One, was pretty liberal about his birth in 1852. Actor and cabaret singer who probably would have attracted the interest of Operation Yewtree – Maurice Auguste Chevalier was born with a smile in 1888. John Candy looky likey, actor William Gilbert Barron/William ‘Billy’ Gilbert started the sternutation process shortly after birth in 1894. Dinner suited/white bow tie wearing 21st Prime Minister of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveria experienced the rhythm for the first time in 1902. Adolf Hitler’s favourite athlete, American jogger James Cleveland ‘Jesse’ Owens found his legs in 1913. Also born that year, Eiji Toyoda who introduced Toyota cars around the world drove his way through. Known for playing Q in dull film franchise James Bond, Desmond Wilkinson Llewelyn found the world was enough in 1914. Actress best known for playing Sue Ellen in overdone soap opera Dallas – Linda Gray didn’t find out what happens when the cradle falls in 1940. Large framed ‘The Walrus of Love’, smooch merchant Barry White wobbled into being back in 1944. Living Norwegian of the day, actor Bjørn Floberg gave his parents insomnia in 1947. Irish Taoiseach, or ‘Chief’ in his mother language, Patrick Bartholomew ‘Bertie’ Aherne was first past the (bed) post in 1951. Benjamin Scott ‘Ben’ Folds frontman of defunct group bearing his name, unfolded himself in 1966. Son of Paul and fruitarian ready meal queen Linda, who was chief tambourine player in Wings, James Louis McCartney saw the available light in 1977.

Death wise, Étienne Aubert or Pope Innocent VI had ten years of leading the faithful, (along with the sick, lame and lazy), before calling time in 1362. Second King of Portugal and the Algarves – Afonso VI entered the history books in 1643. Lexiographer with a thesaurus named in his honour, Peter Mark Roget passed away, was no more, be taken, breathed his last, (other terms are available in his book) from 1869. 22nd Prime Minister of France – François Pierre Guillaume Guizot finally took his left hand out of his jacket in 1874. Fourth Prime Minister of Australia, Sir George Houstoun Reid found a sunny spot in Putney Vale Cemetery, London in 1918. Actor who played Hopalong Cassidy or to give him his proper name, William Laurence Boyd, hopped off his mortal coil in 1972. Anti-apartheid activist Stephen Bantu ‘Steve’ Biko lost consciousness and movement whilst starting to see black in 1977. Having mentioned the 21st President of Brazil (above), here’s the 29th one to balance things out as Ernesto Beckmann Geisel marched off in 1996. The man in black John R. ‘Johnny’ Cash had his own ring of fire in 2003. Cockney splutterer and communist ex-editor of various red top rags, Derek Jameson ran out of headlines in 2012. Inventor of noise reduction system bearing his name, Ray Milton Dolby found everything went very quiet in 2013. Finally, Northern Irish tub thumper and excitable politician Ian Richard Kyle Paisley, Baron Bannside, lost his followers in 2014.


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