Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th September

Today’s births paragraph starts with daughter of Roman emperor Titus, Flavia Julia Titi or just Julia Flavia started having toga parties a year after being born in 64. American version of Willy Wonka, Milton Snavely Hershey was a sweet child from 1857. Norwegian of the day, sharp shooter Ole Østmo obviously got his eye in for the first time given he got through in 1866. Sixth President of Cuba, Ramón Grau San Martin initially took control in 1881. Writer John Boynton (J.B.) Priestley became a good companion with his parents from 1894. President of the European Union, thereby having got his place on the gravy train, Sicco Leendert Mansholt was a healthy baby in 1908. Welsh born to Norwegian parents, respected children’s writer, (with the famous granddaughter married to diminutive piano plonker Jamie Cullum), Roald Dhal started his tale of the unexpected in 1916. Jazz singer Melvin Howard Tormé was one of the sliders this day in 1925. Prime Minister of Greece (for all of four months), Tzannis Tzannetakis didn’t cause a crisis in his family back in 1928. Continuing with the political theme, wearer of oversized glasses and suits, ex-leader of the red team in Britain, John Smith elected to be born in 1938. Having mentioned actor Richard Dawson Kiel a mere three days ago when he passed over, here he is again (minus his metal teeth), given he started to think big from 1939. Actress Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset, was unable to stand up and be counted in 1944. Also born that year, original member of dad rock band Chicago, Peter Cetera had one clear voice from then on. Known for having a penchant for dressing up as a cowboy whilst singing along to disco songs, village person Randy Jones was hopefully born at 5 o’clock in the morning back in 1952. English impressionist as a comedian, Robert Christopher Nankeville who goes by the stage name Bobby Davro, took his first bow in 1958. Son of Beatles drummer who likes to give the V sign behind his sunglasses, Zac Richard Starkey banged his way out in 1965. Scandal ridden cricketer and ex-squeeze of Liz Hurley, Shane Keith Warne bowled his parents over in 1969. Having mentioned her brother only yesterday, daughter of vegetarians, (vegetables have feelings too you know) Lind & Paul, stern faced fashion designer Stella McCartney ventured forth in 1971. Also born that year, tennis player Goran Ivanišević found he started wearing white. Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry had no idea she’d become a film star all those years after being born in 1973.

Given the births paragraph starts with his daughter, here’s her old man Roman Emperor Titus who became ex-Roman Emperor Flatus in 81. King of England and Ireland, King of Spain, King of Portugal, King of Naples and Sicily whilst also maintaining the title Duke of Milan, Philip II of Spain made the transition to marble in 1598. 52nd Prime Minister of France René Goblet swopped the cabinet for a coffin in 1905. Dad to cartoonists Roy and Walt, Elias Charles Disney was rubbed out in 1941. Another cartoonist, William Heath Robinson, (the one with the term named after him) ran out of ingenuity in 1944. Hoodie wearing rapper Lesane Parish Crooks, but answered to the name Tupac Amaru Shakur whilst on stage had seen better dayz in 1996. 33rd President of Columbia Julio César Turbay Ayala ran out of his countries marching powder in 2005. Finally, dwarf bodybuilder Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev let himself go in 2012.


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