Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th September

We begin today’s posting with 11th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Houcong or Jiajing Emperor who showed admirable tranquility after his birth in 1507. King of Portugal, (but seemingly not the Algarves), Pedro V was hopeful people would remember his big day from 1837. Only non-British born Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Andrew Bonar Law found he took the lead in 1858. Multiple shop keeper across America, James Cash ‘JC’ Penney had the ribbon (well, umbilical cord), cut in 1875. Indian singer Madurai Shandmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi started warming her voice up from 1916. Betty Joan Perske, (who’s that? I hear you ask), well, you may know her as Lauren Bacall or even Mrs. H. Bogart, had the big sleep after being delivered in 1924. Controversial Taoiseach (or Irish Prime Minister), Charles James ‘Charlie’ Haughey earned his nickname, ‘The Great Houdini’ early on in life back in 1925. Also born that year, great blues musician Riley ‘B. B.’ King plucked his way out. Peter Michael Falk, known in later life for wearing a dirty Mac and saying, ‘Just one more thing’, as Detective Columbo was just as dishevelled when born in 1927. John Augustus ‘Jack’ Kelly Jr., or just Jack King, was a complete maverick once delivered in 1927. Actress Anne (Lloyd) Francis entered the forbidden planet in 1930. Drummer with numerous bands culminating in replacing The Who’s mad Keith Moon, Kenneth Thomas ‘Kenney’ Jones had a matched grip in 1948. Also born that year, Roxanne Melman, or rather Susan Diane Ruttan (née Dunsrud) made it down the helter skelter. Not the bushy bearded naturalist with a lisp, but one half of American country and pop act The Bellamy Brothers, David (Milton) Bellamy was restless this day in 1950. Someone else making it through the keyhole that year was pasta sauce maker/ex-television presenter with the extended vowels, Loyd Grossman. Hard man actor, with the Chihuahua dog, Philip Andre Rourke Jr, or just Mickey Rourke, had his fall time in 1952. Ex-presenter of Blue Peter and mum to popster Sophie, Janet Michell Ellis completed the family jigsaw for her parents in 1955. Magician named after a Charles Dickins character, David Copperfield created his first illusion in 1956. Dirge singer Richard Noel Marx was satisfied being born in 1963. The beauty of different countries having different versions of meanings of names means French singer Fanny Biascamano has picked up three alternative definitions to her first name from 1979. Ex-Redhill (Surrey) resident, sort of English popster Ketevan (Katie) Melua, had her parents call off the search in 1984.

Pope Victor III kicks the deaths paragraph off given he relinquished control in 1087. He’s followed in 1394 by Antipope Clement VII (Robert of Geneva), who became anti-life. King of England and Ireland as James II and King of Scotland with an extra V added in front of the II, James found himself unable to pretend to live from 1701. Glass blower who came up with the alternative way of measuring temperature, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was cold from 1736. Ermine caped and stocking wearer, Louis XVIII of France, probably wasn’t terribly desirable after today in 1824. 11th Chancellor of Germany, Gustav Adolf Bauer munched his last bratwurst in 1944. Known for his work on classic the Tom & Jerry cartoons, Frederick Clinton ‘Fred’ Quimby failed to produce breath after 1965. 1977 saw glam rocker Marc Bolan take on a tree in Richmond Park in his less than rockstar car, a Mini, and lose in spectacular style. Creator of the bikini, Louis Réard, stopped looking at young women on beaches from 1984. Dead Norwegian of the day, Ragnhild Alexandra Lorentzen, Princess of Norway obviously had enough long cold winters given she saw her final sunset in Rio in 2012. Finally, mum to actor Patrick, Yvonne Helen ‘Patsy’ Swayze didn’t get to have one last dance in 2013.


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