Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th September

People born today include, among others, King Charles III of West Francia and King of Lotharingia or Charles the Simple continued the theme from 879, given his dad was Louis the Stammerer. Born Camillo Borghese or as he was known in Vatican circles, Pope Paul V, entered the world back in 1550. Bouffant haired clergyman Stephen Hales could have done with one of his inventions, the forceps, when delivered in 1667. Founder of car manufacturer bearing his name, David Dunbar Buick trundled along in 1854. Norwegian of the day, Christian Lous Lange began making history from 1869. Turban wearing with what looks like a false moustache stuck under his nose, Indian social activist Erode Venkata Ramasamy, or Periyar, who was also known as E.V.R. and Thanthai Periyar started showing some self respect in 1879. John Willard Marriott Sr., responsible for various hotels and catering companies dotted around the globe checked in for the first time in 1900. Sea dog who made it round the world’s oceans single handedly using the Clipper route, Francis Charles Chichester was buoyed along in 1901. Prime Minister before being promoted to be second President of Sri Lanka, Junius Richard Jayewardene started having a united party from 1906. Singer/songwriter with guitar slung over his shoulder, Hiram King ‘Hank’ Williams saw the light from 1923. Actor Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowell, or as his equity card stated, Roddy McDowell, didn’t get to hear the doctor say, ‘Hello down there’ when being born in 1928. Driver of racing cars repetitively around various race tracks and non winner of the F1 championship, Sterling Craufurd Moss took pole position in 1929. Method actress and ex-Mrs Mel Brooks, Anna Maria Louisa Italianio who went on to become known as Ann Bancroft, (or Mrs. Robinson), graduated from baby in 1931 to child a few years later. Ex-host of boring Saturday sports programmes, Grandstand and Match of the Day before taking on Countdown, smooth talking Desmond Michael ‘Des’ Lynam was kicked into touch back in 1942. ‘Comedian’/actress, Rita Rudner at least managed to get her parents laughing from 1953. Another driver of F1 cars, this one the only son of a world champion to become a world champion in the sport, Damon Graham Devereux Hill was quick off the mark in 1960. Australian director and singer Mark Anthony ‘Baz’ Luhrmann had some dream plays from 1962. Diminutive singer known by her first name, Anastacia (Lyn Newkirk), wasn’t left out alone in 1968. Another singer, (well, shouter to a raving bass line), Keith Charles Flint set the world alight in 1969. South African who represented England in Rugby a Union back in the early 2000’s – Michael John ‘Mike’ Catt made it through the scrum in 1971. Second Norwegian of the day, ex-extreme skier Tormod Granheim launched himself off in 1974.

As for deaths, the following failed to see the 18th September – Swiss religious reformer Heinrich Bullinger obviously had enough of reforming in 1575. King of Spain as Philip IV and King of Portugal as Philip III, found his siesta’s gone on since 1665. Pioneering photographer William Henry Fox Talbot didn’t get to leave the dark room after 1877. Flour industrialist and co-founder of company bearing his name, Charles Alfred Pilsbury wasn’t needed from 1899. Prime Minister of Greece for all of ten months, Stefanos Dragoumis has had a long recess, all of 93 years so far. Actor, John Richard Baseheart found his time limit was up in 1984. Having mentioned floral clothes designer Laura Ashley a mere ten days ago in honour of her birthday, here she is again given she took the wrong steps in 1985. Easy listening crooner Frankie Vaughan, (born Frank Ableson), found out what’s behind that strange door in 1999. Bob Geldof’s ex-Mrs with the large arm tattoo and bleached hair, Paula Elizabeth Yates wasn’t a heroine after 2000. Having mentioned Eiji Toyoda five days ago in honour of his birth, here he is again given he ran out of juice in 2013. Finally, singer/songwriter George Hege Hamilton IV started travelin’ light from 2014.


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