Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th September

We start today’s posting with Jean-Jacques Desskines, or self proclaimed Emperor Jacques I of Haiti, who was actually quite a nice baby in 1758. Chemist and physicist, (who’s not related to the distilling family with the same surname) – James Dewar, inventor of the Dewar flask, (what is now known as the Thermos flask, and which I first heard about at school when my science teacher told me about it, but I digress), found a difference in temperature in 1842. King of Siam, (no, not Yul Brynner) but Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramintra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Yu Hua, who managed to cut that down to Rama V, started collecting medals from 1853. Early day film director, producer, actor and screenwriter, (you see they were making up their job titles back then too), Sidney Olcott found someone slapping his back, rather than scratching it in 1873. Spiritual leader from India, Shriram Sharma Acharya was a calming influence on his parents from 1911. Having mentioned Rama V, (above), Ananda Mahidol or Rama VIII, King of Thailand didn’t want to miss out on things given he arrived in 1925. Well known jazz musician John Philip William Dankworth, who was better known as Johnny Dankworth, was too cool for the blues in 1927. Italy’s most famous actress, Sofia Villani Scicolone/Sofia Lauren found it started in Rome, not Naples back in 1934. Person with the beer named after him, Peter Hanson ‘Pete’ Coors was full of gas in 1946. Kiwi popster with 80’s group ‘The Thompson Twins’, (who weren’t called Thompson, nor were they twins), Alannah Joy Currie didn’t mess with Doctor Dream in 1957. Todd Smith Blackadder, not a friend of Lord Percy Percy, (who was mentioned two days ago), but a rugby union player had his first dummy pass in 1971. Professional road cyclist with the slightly alternative name – Vladimir Alexandrovich Karpets found it wasn’t curtains when born in 1980.

Deaths include, among many others – Flemish born critic Jan Gruter (or Gruytére), he also went by the name Janus Gruterus, wasn’t so critical of dying in Heidelberg in 1627. Writer and folklorist with his brother, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm didn’t really have a fairy tale end to life in 1863. General Augusto Tasso Fragaso, President of Brazil – Member of the Military Junta and moustache of the year 1942, took his last look at Copacabana Beach in 1945. Finnish composer and pianist Heino Wilhelm Daniel Kaski reached his crescendo in 1957. Another Finnish composer not making it through that year, Johan Julius Christian ‘Jean’ Sibelius actually started decomposing. 126th Prime Minister of Greece, Alexandros Othonaios permanently resigned in 1970. Ex-First Lady of the Soviet Union and wife of Mikhail, (he of big hats and birthmark) Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva, (née Titarenko) stopped drinking vodka in 1999. Finally, Eric Shaun Lynch later known as Eric the Midget and then Eric the Actor and sidekick to Howard Stern on his radio show signed off in 2014.


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