Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 21st September

Today’s posting starts with road builder John Lowdon (or Loudon) McAdam who started to lay out his path, (or rather road), in life from 1756. Patriarch to the Barrymore acting clan, Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe, but known as Maurice Barrymore had the curtain raised on his life in 1849. Herbert George ‘H.G.’ Wells writer of dull sci-fi books such as The War of the Worlds, found the shape of things to come from 1866. Animator responsible for classic cartoons with Warner Bros., Charles Martin ‘Chuck’ Jones, was naughty but mice in 1912. Stetson wearing alcoholic soap star Larry Martin Hagman, or J.R. Ewing, wasn’t a decoy for his parents in 1931. Depressing singer Leonard Norman Cohen actually has something to celebrate given he’s reached his 82nd birthday. Horror writer Stephen Edwin King hasn’t edited his life since 1947. Comedy actor William James ‘Bill’ Murray has had his Groundhog Day since 1950. Busy Indian actor Gulshan Grover hasn’t kept a code of secrecy over his birthdate in 1955. 26th Prime Minister of Australia, (they’re currently up to No. 29), Kevin Michael Rudd took affirmative action in 1957. Singer/songwriter with Swing Out Sister, Corinne Drewery managed to breakout in 1959. Fellow singer Audrey Faith Perry, who’s probably better known as Faith Hill, started to breathe in 1967. Talk show host Ricki Pamela Lake found her voice in 1968. Pebble glass wearing, swaggering and warring brother once part of Oasis, not to mention being ex-Mr Kensit and Appleton, William John Paul ‘Liam’ Gallagher opened his beady eyes in 1972. Actress Kareena Kapoor certainly didn’t have 3 idiots present at her birth in 1980. Known for getting arrested and for being in some inconsequential reality television series, Nicole Camille Escovedo or Nicole Richie has had anything but a simple life since 1981.

It’s a bit of a quiet day on the deaths front and not wanting to disappoint, Pope Conon took his leave after only 11 months at the Vatican in 687. Writer Sir Walter Scott should have earned the nickname Old Mortality given he dropped his quill in 1832. First dead Norwegian of the day, Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel or Prince Carl of Denmark who also went under the name King Haakon VII of Norway, didn’t have to remember if he was a Prince or a King from 1957. Track and field athlete with the talons, Florence Delores Griffith Joyner (Flo Jo), may well have been one of the fastest women of all time, but she successfully managed to stop being this in 1998. Second dead Norwegian to feature today is cross country skier Hallgier Brenden who managed to cover his tracks pretty well in 2007. Finally, voice actor born John Michael Riorden Billsbury but went by the name Michael Rye, switched his microphone off in 2012.


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