Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 22nd September

Ancient royal, (and fourth of King Henry VIII’s wives), Anne of Cleves kicks things off today given she took a leading role in proceedings way back in 1515. Michael Faraday found a certain electromagnetism towards his family from 1791. The great thing about doing these postings is finding out about different people, and to this end I didn’t know about five time Wimbledon single champ who graduated to bagging the gold gong at the Olympics, Charlotte Cooper Sterry (née Charlotte Reinagle Cooper), didn’t adopt the closed stance in 1870. Having mentioned a former Australian Prime Minister only yesterday, it seems only fair and just to give a shout out to Joseph Benedict ‘Ben’ Chifly who chugged along in 1885. Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini, (better known as Ayatollah Khomeini), 1st Supreme Leader of Iran took over the country in 1979 and his parents lives from 1902. Continuing the political theme, Norwegian of the day – Haakon Lie found that was the one thing he was unable to do about his birthday from 1905. Best known for playing bumbling Captain Mainwaring in classic BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, Arthur Lowe found the way out in 1915. Actor Eugene Harrison Roche was all in the family from 1928. Extensive writer of feminist works, Fay Weldon was showing life force in 1931. First singer of the day is one hit wonder (with the cheerleaders), Antonia Christina Basilotta who abbreviated that to Toni Basil hasn’t taken the mickey over her birthday since 1943. Slap head singer with near family band, Right Said Fred, Richard Peter John Fairbrass was more down than up in 1953. Next up is acclaimed singer, (each to their own) lanky haired Nicholas Edward ‘Nick’ Cave had his first birthday party a year after his birth in 1957. A year later in 1958, blind opera singer Andrea Bocelli had his initial bellow and found his voice thereafter. Innuendo laden comedian, co-host on boring programme Great British Bake Off and other half to Mel, Susan Elizabeth ‘Sue’ Perkins wondered what the dickins was going on in 1959. Final singer, (and ultimate one hit wonder), Chesney Lee Hawkes was the one and only from 1971. Also born that year is Norwegian royal of the week, (if not month), Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, who’s made London her home since 2012. Ex-Dr. Who assistant, Mrs C. Evans and pop starlet Leian Paul ‘Billie’ Piper initially piped up in 1982.

As for deaths, it appears today is a pretty quiet day, however, Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism and first of the ten Gurus found the eternal truth in 1539. Not to be outdone, Pope Clement XIV handed in his papers back in 1774. Having mentioned English lexicographer Samuel Johnson a few days ago, here’s his Russian counterpart Vladimir Ivanovich Dal who lost his power of speech (and life), in 1872. Emperor Tôn Thất Thuyết of Vietnam, he of the hat with the handles and wispy beard, was unable to conduct any movements from 1913. Radiochemist with the rather unfortunate surname, Frederick Soddy, found himself under a few sods in the graveyard from 1956. Sid James looky likey- President of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos had his ultimate mañana moment in 1969. Extensive songwriter Israel Isidore ‘Irving’ Berlin didn’t get to do it again given he rolled over in 1989. Co-star of the Road… to films, Dorothy Lamour took the road to Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in 1996.
Act tor of stage and screen, George Campbell Scott made it out of the hospital (in a box) in 1999. Finally, the most famous mime artist Marcel Marceau found himself inside a real box from 2007.


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