Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd September

Today is a quieter one for both births and deaths, (which makes up for all those longer posts!). Bearing that in mind, we start with King Ferdinand VI of Spain who cheered up this day each year from 1713. Star gazer Johann Franz Enche spied the light for the first time in 1791. Cocaine and morphine addled surgeon William Stewart Halstead had his initial introduction to hospitals in 1852. 11th of 12 children and founder of company bearing his name, (which is still going strong today), Robert Bosch engineered his way into the world back in 1861. Queen consort of Serbia Draginja ‘Draga’ Obrenović (formerly Mašin) was no longer a baby in waiting from 1864. Eight time married, (some people never seem to learn from their mistakes), Joseph Yule Jr., or Mickey Rooney as he was also known left the hide out in 1920. Blind American singer/songwriter, (no, not Stevie Wonder), but Ray Charles (Robinson), had plenty of crying time in 1930. Bollywood actor Prem Chopa gave it his all in 1935. Henry Calthorpe Blofeld, or ‘Blowers’ to his cricketing fans didn’t stump his parents when born in 1939. Spanish crooner, (of who I can only name one hit he’s responsible for, and that’s one too many), Julio José Iglesias de la Cuevaor, or just Julio Iglesias, released himself on the world in 1943. One time beaded haired children’s television presenter, now in a select group of Liberal Democrats within the House of Lords, Floella Benjamin went to play school a few years after being born in 1949. Also born that year, ‘The Boss’ – Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen came to be born in the USA. Tony B.Liar’s Mrs, (the one who opened No. 10’s front door to the world in her nightdress with dishevelled hair, but unfortunately minus the dangling fag from her mouth), Theresa Cara ‘Cherie’ Blair (née Booth), started representing herself from 1954. Northern whinger and idiot abroad Karl Pilkington will be moping about the place given he’s now 44.

People at the other end of their life include, Pope Linus who drew the short straw in 79. Eleventh Grand Master of the Knights Templar – Robert de Sablé left the other ten Knights battle it out in 1193. Dead Norwegian of the day, botanist/bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus found he wasn’t late for his funeral in 1773. Grandfather to the rather painful sounding Emma Freud, Sigismund Schlomo (Sigmund) Freud vacated his sofa in 1939. Actor William ‘Billy’ Gilbert Barron, sneezed his last in 1971. Finally, writer of Psycho Robert Albert Bloch departed this crowded earth in 1994.


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