Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th September

We start today’s posting not with a Pope, but fourth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism, Guru Ram Das was delivered on a wing and a prayer way back in 1534. Brewer of the black stuff in central Dublin, (and the only alcoholic drink that was available on the NHS), Arthur Guinness wet hopped it in 1725. The person have to thank for overly bright and blinking neon lighting, Georges Claude lit up his parents lives from 1870. Another five time Wimbledon Champion before getting bored with tennis and moving on to golf, field hockey and archery, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dod was all a quiver in 1871. Someone else who made a living out of building a global brand, Franklin Clarence Mars was all rest and play, with no work in 1882. Writer of The Great Gatsby and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (abbreviated to F. Scott Fitzgerald to fit on the dust jackets), didn’t go the same way as that story in 1896. Creator of The Muppets James Maury ‘Jim’ Henson found his own cord cut in 1936. Having mentioned both her son and daughter a couple of weeks back when it was their birthdays, it’s now their mum’s turn as chief triangle and tambourine player to to mention vegetarian microwave meal queen, Linda Louise McCartney, (née Eastman, formerly See), started to focus from 1941. Scouse songsmith Gerard ‘Gerry’ Marsden didn’t need a pacemaker when delivered in 1942. The day really wouldn’t be complete without a Norwegian of the day, and I don’t disappoint given Erik Hivju started out in 1947. Known for playing Det. Greg Medavoy in NYPD Blue, Gordon Clapp received light applause when born in 1948. Cyprus born entrepreneur who liked to try and break things on Dragon’s Den, Theo Paphitis will be getting Mrs P to break open the champers (or possibly pomange) in celebration of his 57th birthday. Miserablist comedian James Andrew Innes ‘Jack’ Dee was delivered lying down in 1961. Ex-ball kicker and team captain on dull sports quiz show ‘A Question of Sport’, Alastair Murdoch ‘Ally’ McCoist wasn’t offside when born 54 years ago. Another sports personality who won both gold and silver at the 2012 Olympics, Victoria Louise Pendleton was a descender in 1980.

Pope Liberius kicks the deaths paragraph off given he became a Holy Ghost in 366. Pepin the Short, King of the Franks, (though there are no records as to his height), found his time was up in 768. Another Pope, this one Pope Innocent II obviously had enough of pure thoughts in 1143. Serbian Grand Prince/King Stefan Nemanjic or Stefan the First Crowned, took his last vow in 1228. Emperor Pedro I of Brazil and King Pedro IV of Portugal and the Algarves was pretty subdued himself from 1834. Balloonist and parachutist Charles Leroux (born Joseph Johnson), bailed out of life in 1889. First Prime Minister of Sweden Louis Gerhard De Greer munched his last meatball in 1896. Physicist with the counter named after him, Johannes ‘Hans’ Wilhelm ‘Gengar’ Geiger went off the scale in 1945. Silent film star, Charles ‘Chuck’ Reisner started reducing from 1962. Commissioner James Gordon from the Batman TV Series (or James Neil Hamilton), saw the spotlight dim in 1984. Writer of the Dr. Suess books, Theodore Suess Geisel found he wasn’t going to get up from today in 1991. Finally, overworked actor Surendranatha Thilakan had his make up artist do one more days work in 2012.


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