Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th September

Today’s posting starts with Prime Minister of Great Britain – Henry Pelham, was first past the (bed) post in 1694. Chief mutineer on HMS Bounty, Fletcher Christian didn’t rebel over his birth date in 1764. Palaeontologist Karl Alfred von Zittel broke through the crust in 1839. Seventh Prime Minister of Australia, William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes expelled himself for the very first time in 1862. Staying out in the Antipodes, 31st Prime Minister from the land of Kiwis and All Blacks, not forgetting their weak and gassy beer, Lion – Robert David ‘Rob’ Muldoon thought big in 1921. Spoonerism King and other half of The Two Ronnies, Ronald William George ‘Ronnie’ Barker had to wait a few years from 1929 before he could eat porridge. Another great comedy actor, Brian Trevor John Murphy – hen pecked husband to Yootha Joyce in classic 70’s sit-com George & Mildred, was hatched in 1932. Flamboyant Hindi actor Feroz Khan wasn’t a dancing dervish from 1939. Ex-sex maniac, son of Kirk and husband to Catherine, Michael Kirk Douglas shone through in 1944. Supplement queen and another 70’s sit-com star who found fame in The Good Life, Felicity Ann Kendall was in the theatre longer than thirty minutes in 1946. Other half to Linda, (no, not Paul), but Cecil Womack who wasn’t able to express himself in 1947. Superman, (until his horse bucked and put him in an electric wheelchair), otherwise known as Christopher Reeve, had his great escape in 1952. Actress Heather Deen Lockyear started going places from 1961. Willard Carroll ‘Will’ Smith Jr., was the fresh prince in 1968. Having mentioned her old man above, here’s his Mrs as Catherine Zeta Jones will also be trying to blow the candles out before tucking into the birthday cake in celebration of her 47th birthday. Cheating, (and now dead), cricketer Wessel Johannes ‘Hansie’ Cronje managed to fix his birthdate from 1969. Cheeky Geordie game show host, presenter of other dull programmes thought up by Simon Cowell’s company and who can forget their music, (actually, I’d like to do just that), Declan Joseph Oliver ‘Dec’ Donnelly, (or is it Ant McPartlin?), came to be in 1975. Model Jodie Kidd was a mere baby in 1978.

As for deaths, the Battle of Stamford Bridge occurred in 1066 leading to the deaths of Tostig Godwinson and Harald III of Norway, unfortunately, it was 950 years before José Mourinho was resident there. Pope Clement VII features given he went to meet his maker in 1534. Third son of timbrel enthusiasts William & Catherine, Herbert Henry Howard Booth stopped flogging The War Cry and found himself ‘promoted to glory’ in 1926. Etiquette expert Emily Post made her polite excuses and left us in 1960. Drummer with rock band Led Zeppelin, John Henry Bonham took his stairway to heaven in 1980. King of the Belgians, (though not too sure whether it was for the Walloons or Flemish), Léopold III abdicated in 1983. Actor Walter Pidgeon could have done with more than a two minute warning in 1984. Dead Norwegian of the day, linguist Hans Vogt found he lost his voice, (amongst other things) in 1986. Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie aka ‘the Butcher of Lyon’ hung on until 1991. Finally, singer Howard Andrew ‘Andy’ Williams certainly wasn’t warm and willing from 2012.


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