Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th September

We start today’s posting with dauber of large walls who went by his surname, but before I reveal who it is, here’s his full name: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was a colourful child from 1571. Having not got a Pope to mention today, religious figure to feature goes to Thomas Tennison who went onto become Archbishop of Canterbury but didn’t get to be born again after 1636. The man with his column proudly on display in central London, Horatio Nelson set sail on life’s great journeys back in 1758. Born José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix but known as Guadalupe Victoria, first President of Mexico was a ray of sunshine in his parents lives from 1786. There’s no guessing what László Biró invented, but he did write himself into history back in 1899. Not wanting to be out done by President Victoria, Miguel Alemán Valdés, 46th President of Mexico waited until this day in 1902 to arrive. Actor Trevor Howard saw the way ahead in 1913. Legendary cartoonist Ronald ‘Carl’ Giles, who was mentioned back in August when he dropped his pens, gets another mention given he was his grandma’s favourite from 1916. Film noire actress, Lizabeth Virginia Scott found it wasn’t too late for tears in 1922. Writer of numerous books about dull policeman Inspector Morse – (Norman) Colin Dexter, was as good as gold in 1930. Actress/sex symbol Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg was way, way out in 1931. Indian actor Mehmood Ali flickered into life in 1932. Original rock’n’roll singer and plonker of the ivories, Jerry Lee Lewis didn’t quite have great balls of fire when born in 1935. Scandal ridden, young ‘model’ appreciating, television station owning, lecherous 50th Prime Minister of Italy – Silvio Berlusconi found his slippery ways in 1936. Another Prime Minister, this one with the slightly unfortunate name, Wim Kok didn’t labour his birth in 1938. Serial killer who took the trouble to hang himself prior to his conviction, Frederick Walter Stephen ‘Fred’ West merely dangled for a bit in 1941. Actor who was an antique dealer before going onto star in Game of Thrones, Ian David McShane was too scared to scream in 1942. Trade unionist, human rights activist and ex-Polish President, Lech Wałęsa found solidarity with his folks from 1943. Actress of stage, screen and television, Patricia Hodge made her debut in 1946. Jogger who bagged a couple of gold and silver gongs at various Olympics, Sebastian Newbold Coe broke the tape in 1956. We have birthday boy Alan McGee to thank for bringing us various bands, including Oasis, but it was his parents who first sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him a year after his birth in 1960. 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Eileen Gillard didn’t put up any opposition to being born in 1961. Lead vocalist with Britpop band Suede, Brett Lewis Anderson was, according to his parents, one of the beautiful ones in 1967. Previous teen boy band singing idol before trying acting, Luke Damon Goss had his mum push in 1968. Known for her role in Wish You Were Here, Trigger’s daughter Emily Lloyd-Pack found a brand new world waiting for her in 1970. Meanwhile in 1978, Norwegian of the day – winner of the first series of Norwegian Pop Idol, Kurt Nielsen found his voice in 1978.

As for deaths, we see King Gustav I of Sweden set the precedent of being called Gustav before croaking it in 1560. Fellow King, this one Ferdinand VII of Spain found he didn’t have to put his extra large cape on again after 1833. Inventor of spluttering pollutant engine, (well before Volkswagen told everyone otherwise), named after him – Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel ran out of juice in 1913. Inventor of the electrocardiogram, Willem Einthoven flat lined in 1927. Poet Wystan Hugh (W.G) Auden had the funeral blues in 1973. Grandson of Henry Ford, the imaginatively named Henry Ford II reached the end of his particular line in 1987. Cartoonist responsible for creating The Addams Family, Charles Samuel ‘Chas’ Addams started having dear dead days from 1988. Brewing chief August Anheuser ‘Gussie’ Busch Jr., started to ferment himself in 1989. ‘Comedian’, television host and father in law to Phil Lynott, Leslie Douglas Sargent Crowther obviously got the price right for his funeral in 1996. Artist with the distinctive style, Roy Lichtenstein went pop in 1997. John Peel’s mate from classic BBC documentary A Life of Grime – compulsive hoarder Edmund Zygfryd Trebus couldn’t get anything else up his chuff from 2002. Miss Moneypenny, or to give her proper name – Lois Maxwell live and let died in 2007. Finally actor Bernard Schwartz or as he was probably better known, Tony Curtis found he liked it hot at his funeral in 2010.


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