Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th September

We start today’s births paragraph with Girolamo Masci (or, not wanting to disappoint all those Pope fans out there), Pope Nicholas IV found he didn’t quite have the immaculate conception in 1227. Next up is the person every cleansing manager, (and operative), in councils around the world bemoan for his invention, chewing gum – William Wrigley Jr. started chomping in 1861. Novelist Truman Streckfus Persons but went by the name of Truman Garcia Capote, didn’t get his first breakfast at Tiffany’s, (well not unless that’s what his mum was called) in 1924. Mum to shouting/screaming singer Whitney, singer Emily ‘Cissy’ Houston, (née Drinkard), was face to face with her mother in 1933. Crooner John Royce ‘Johnny’ Mathis wasn’t too much, too little or too late for his parents in 1935. It goes without saying Ian Raymond Ogilvy was a saintly child from 1943. Having mentioned glam rocker Marc Bolan (born Marc Feld), on 16th September when he took a career defining moment, by taking on a tree (and losing), here he is again given he had his first make over in 1947. Member of Polish nobility with a coat of arms to prove it, ex-Mrs D. Waterman – Róźa Maria Leopoldyna Łubieńska, or as her equity card says, Rula Lenska had both feet in the cot from 1947. Writer of science fiction/fantasy (double yawn) books, S(tephen) M(ichael) Sterling started his back story in 1953. Co-founder of Sun Microsystems who’s made a few quid from backing Google, Andreas ‘Andy’ von Bechtolsheim started networking in 1955. Model/actress Monica Anna Maria Bellucci didn’t look back when delivered in 1964. Sometime fairly amusing comedian who’s muscled into acting, Omid Djalili wondered what now? after his his birth in 1964. Norwegian of the day goes to author with the swept back hair and Royal Mrs, Ari Mikael Behn (or Bjørshol), started life in more modest surroundings in Århus back in 1972. Also born that year, Indian singer Shantanu Mukherjee/Shaan started making some noise. Five time Grand Slam (tennis) winner, Martina Hingis didn’t hit the net when delivered in 1980.

There aren’t that many deaths to report on today, but we do start with Archbishop of Canterbury Saint Honorius who had his initial audience with God in 653. King of West Francia Louis IV, lost his spot on the coins way back in 954. Dutch bronze medalist in team military pistol shooting at the 1900 Olympics, Anthony Ahasuerus Hendrik Sweijs culled himself in 1937. Iconic actor, (apparently), James Byron Dean managed to bring his career to a crashing halt in 1955. Seismologist with the earthquake meter named after him, Charles Francis Richter had a reading of zero in 1985. Having pedalled from Sweden to Mount Everest and then climbing it (without oxygen or a Sherpa), Göran Kropp found himself in a slightly different bivvy bag from 2002. Finally, defence attorney to OJ Simpson during his murder trial and dad to various boring self publicising children Robert George Kardashian was unable to keep up with the rest of his family from 2003.


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