Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st October

We celebrate the births of, among others, ancient King of England Henry III or Henry of Winchester who lifted the crown all of nine years after his birth in 1207. Having mentioned aeroplane builder William Edward Boeing only three days ago when he left departures for the last time, here he is again given the chocks were released in 1881. Ernest Lea Nash or Ted Healy, (depending on when you met him), didn’t have a stooge for his birth in 1896. Bollywood music composer Sachin Dev Burman hit the right note in 1906. One half American crime duo, Bonnie & Clyde – Bonnie Elizabeth Parker shot out in 1910. Best (acting) mate of Jack Lemon Walter John Matthow, (or, as he was known, Matthau), wasn’t a little devil after his arrival in 1920. Fellow actor James Whitmore suffered the restless years from 1921. Peanut farmer who made it to the White House in 1977 before bagging a Nobel Peace Prize, James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter Jr., started grinning inanely from 1924. Cigar chomping actor who starred in Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, (see yesterday’s post), before going onto exaggerated series ‘The A Team’, George Peppard Jr., loved it when his plan came together this day in 1928. Mrs Blake Edwards, or Julia Elizabeth Wells aka Julie Andrews or Mary Poppins/Maria von Trapp, found that’s life! in 1935. Actor Randy Randall Rudy Quaid was bound for glory in 1950. Norwegian of the day, marathon wheezer Greta Waitz found the wait over in 1953. Current (non-elected), British Prime Minister Theresa May (née Brasier), will definitely be blowing the candles out at No.10 in celebration of her 60th birthday. One time singer, now Senegalese Minister of Tourism and Culture, Youssou N’Dour wasn’t undecided about his birthdate in 1959. Bald headed doctor Matthew Keith Hall better known as comedian Harry Hill, (he of the high collared shirts suede loafers and pens poking out of his top pocket), saw his first hospital in 1959. Herefordshire’s very own Lizard Lick Towing Service owner, David Shepherd started tagging along in 1967.

Deaths also start with really ancient King of England – Edwy (or Eadwig) was about 18 when he was cast in bronze way back in 959. Then, in 1404 Pope Boniface IX handed the baton, (or rather the incense wafting thing), onto Pope Innocent VII in 1404. Person with a ‘pedal’ line through a triangle named in his honour, mathematician Robert Simpson rounded off his life in 1768. Founder of bleaching powder Charles Tennant found himself somewhat white from 1838. Clown looking King of Burma, Mindon Min was more than shagged out in 1878. Inventor mentioned on 18th July when he entered the world, Jerome ‘Jerry’ Hal Lemelson was unable to record anything further after 1997. Childhood star Lena Zavaroni should have listened to her mama as she probably wouldn’t have died in 1999 if she had. One half of infamous twins and English gang leader Reginald ‘Reggie’ Kray obviously had enough of the food at Broadmoor from 2000. Ronnie, (not Reggie’s twin bro), but Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Hazlehurst composer of television theme tunes not sung by Dennis Waterman had his final movement in 2007. The last person to feature today is piano playing songstress Lynsey de Paul found nothing lasts forever given she died in 2014.


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