Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd October

Births today begin with Chief of the Cherokee Nation with the un-Cherokee name of John Ross (aka Koo-wi-s-gu-wi) started his lookout duties in 1790. President of Argentina Nicolás Remigio Aurelio Avellaneda Silva, he of comedy beard and sash assumed incumbency from 1837. Actor Johan Verner Ölund who changed that to Warner Oland and is best known for his portrayal of Charlie Chan, detected today as the best day for his birthday from 1879. James Alfred ‘Alf’ Wright who’s probably better known as the man who made a living writing about having his arm up cows bottoms as James Herriot was himself delivered in 1916. Founding editor of Mad comic Harvey Kurtzman wasn’t terribly impressed with being born in 1924. Singer Edward Raymond ‘Eddie’ Cochran was tired and sleepy from 1938. Ernest Evans, or as classic rock DJ’s know him, Chubby Checker twisted his way out in 1941. One half flamboyant Las Vegas magicians with the tigers Uwe Ludwig Horn, now going by the slightly less hipper name of Roy Horn, appeared in a puff of smoke back in 1944. Guitarist and songwriter, (of, it has to be said, some fairly spiteful songs), with bickering mega-band of the 1970’s/80’s Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Adams Buckingham went his own way in 1949. Also making his entrance to the world that year – Bollywood film director Jyoti Prakash Dutta. Having given a shout out to Stephen ‘Stevie’ Ray Vaughan on the 27th August when he stopped playing the guitar, here he is again given he didn’t have the blues being born in 1954. Gregory Everett ‘Greg’ Proops, improv comedian on sometime fairly amusing show, ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ didn’t get to stand up for at least a year after his birth in 1955. Excessively tattooed ex-Mr P. Anderson and drummer with Mötley Crew, Tommy Lee Bass, (who removed the Bass given he’s a drummer), bashed his way through in 1962. Peroxide blonde singer Gwen Renée Stefani had no doubt about her birthday from 1969. Actress Neve Adrianne Campbell didn’t panic upon her arrival in 1973. Lead (male) singer with popster’s the Scissor Sisters, Jason F Sellards/Jake Shears had his ta dah! moment in 1978.

As for deaths, Roman Catholic friar and preacher Saint Francis of Assisi gave up wearing his brown robe and started featuring on tacky religious memorabilia from 1226. Having mentioned John Ross, (above), in balance of fairness I’ll mention Sauk leader Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, who also went by the name, Black Hawke was down (terminally) in 1838. Tweaker to the sewing machine along with having a say in how zipper flies were developed, Elias Howe Jr. unstitched himself in 1867. Another Native American leader, this one chief of the Modoc tribe, Kintpuash or Captain Jack vacated his teepee in 1873. Orson Pratt Sr., leader of the Latter Day Saint Movement (or Mormons to you and me), probably spent two hours banging at Heavens door before entering in 1881. Singer-songwriter Woodrow Wilson ‘Woody’ Guthrie was unable to wake up from today in 1967. Second husband to Princess Caroline of Monaco, Stefano Casiraghi flipped in more ways than one back in 1990. Actor mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowell, or just Roddy McDowell, left his dead man’s shoes unworn from 1998. Co-founder of Japanese sound and vision company, Sony – Akio Morita lost reception in 1999. Dad to macrobiotic queen Gwynnie, Bruce Weigert Paltrow ended up St. Elsewhere in 2002. Creator of Shrek! among many other books, William Steig found how to become extinct in 2003. Psycho star Jeanette Helen Morrison or Janet Leigh had more than a deadly dream in 2004. Finally, spoonerism king and classic comedian who was mentioned on the 25th September in honour of his birth, Ronald William George ‘Ronnie’ Barker had his last, ‘It’s goodnight from me’ moment in 2005.


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