Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th October

Today’s posting begins with soap and alkali manufacturer – Joseph Crossfield was a slippery baby in 1792. Successor to James A. Garfield as 21st President of the United States of America, Chester Alan Arthur started to make his name known from 1829. Younger brother to Auguste, cinematographer Louis Jean Lumière flickered into life back in 1864. Louis Feinberg or Larry Fine, one of The Three Stooges started messing about in 1902. Also born that year is the person who’s company is the biggest bain of councils around the world, Raymond Albert ‘Ray’ Croc (he of golden arch fame), probably became class clown a few years after his birth. Actor Donald Henry Pleasence didn’t look back in anger when born in 1919. The Stig – not the one from Argentina’s favourite television programme, but writer Stig Dagerman was in his grandmother’s house from 1923. It’s democratically elected President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel had his own revolutionary movement in 1936. Having mentioned his country above, here’s Argentine President Eduardo Alberto Duhlde has been resigned to celebrating his birthday since 1941. Singer with the band named after him, Steven Haworth ‘Steve’ Miller entered a brave new world in 1943. Deaf flat cap wearing shouter to loud music, Brian Francis Johnson found out who made who in 1947. One time road builder before heading up Irish band The Boomtown Rats and marrying Paula Yates, Robert Frederick Zenon ‘Bob’ Geldof kept his parents awake all night from 1951. Ex-presenter of Blue Peter and daughter of veteran broadcaster Gloria Hunniford, Caron Louisa Keating began life’s great adventures in 1962. Champion female putter, (and divot maker) Laura Jane Davies had a free drop in 1963. Thrice married actress Kate Elizabeth Winslet started acting up from 1975. Last birthday of the day goes to my nephew Jacob, who’s now a year away from being a teenager.

As for deaths, we start with ancient King of France – Philip III, (aka the Bold), took decisive action by dying in 1285. Third Native American to be mentioned in as many days, Tecumseh leader of the Shawnee tribe, confronted death in 1813. French fighter pilot with a tennis court named in his honour, Eugéne Adrien Roland Georges Garros found his wings clipped terminally in 1918. Dead Norwegian of the day is Nobel prize grabbing winner, Lars Onsager who spent his life studying things most people wouldn’t have a bloody clue about, (except one, or possibly two, clever dicks on University Challenge), simply died in 1976. Actress of stage, film and television, Gloria Grahame had a sudden fear of death in 1981. Founder of airtight box company, Tupperware – Earl Silas Tupper rather ironically ended up in an airtight box himself in 1983. Falsetto screecher with Motown band The Temptations, Edward James ‘Eddie’ Kendrick(s), had the temptation taken away from him in 1992. Finally, it’s thanks to this person I’m able to post these ramblings, (via my iPad) – inventor, CEO of Apple Inc and desk banger/shouter, Steven Paul ‘Steve’ Jobs lost his fight with cancer in 2011.


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