Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th October

We start today’s posting with last ever Roman Catholic monarch to reign over Denmark, King Frederick I, styled himself, ‘King of Denmark, the Vends and the Goths, (so that’s the origin of all those Scandi death metal bands), elected King of Norway, (although he never bothered to visit this country), had his first coup in 1471. First ecclesiastical mention of the day goes to ruff wearing Archbishop of Canterbury – William Laud, found he had his initial calling in 1573. Another Scandinavian King, this one Charles XIII, (despite being only the seventh King of that name) and King of Norway as Charles II, definitely celebrated his birthday this day from 1748. Rimmed glass wearer with a scrubby moustache, leading Nazi Heinrich Luitpold Himmler didn’t get to goose step into life as he preferred the sliding method in 1900. 42nd and 43rd President of Peru, Fernando Beláunde Terry was committed to having his birthday this day every year from 1912. Dancing Archbishop with a degree mark named after him – Desmond Mpilo Tutu, (who gained his robes at St. Mary’s Church Bletchingley Surrey), took his initial vow in 1931. Australian journo who held court on Britain’s television screen throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, along with unleashing ‘singer’ Margarita Pracatan on us, Vivian Leopold (or just Clive) James didn’t manage to dodge the blaze of obscurity from 1939. United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Oliver Laurence North is surprised he knows his birth year, (1943 since you ask), as he thought his birth certificate also went through the shredder. Hairy member of 10cc, Kevin Michael Godley had some deceptive bends when born in 1945. Singer John J Mellencamp or John Cougar Mellencamp, (depending on which album of his you’ve got), let it all out in 1951. Megalomaniac former Prime Minister and now President of Russia, who may take a bit of time out from bombing Syria to have a slice of cake, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin had his first topless shot taken in 1952. Drummer for one time excessive hair do rockers Bon Jovi, Hector Juan Samuel ‘Tico’ Torres was slippery when wet in 1953. One half of gold medal winning ice skaters at the 1984 Winter Olympics, Jayne Torvill wobbled into life back in 1957. Simon Cowell, he of high waisted trousers, sunglass wearer in the dark and manager of dire recording artists along with being responsible for various ‘talent’ shows clogging the televisual airwaves, started wearing high waisted nappies in 1959. Singer/songwriter and daughter to bog brush haired singer Joe, Samantha (Sam) Brown – hasn’t had a fear of life since 1964. One hit wonder Toni Michelle Braxton had a pulse from 1967. Falsetto singer with dirge rock band Radiohead, Thomas Edward ‘Thom’ Yorke was Kid A for his folks in 1968. ‘Comedian’ with the odd hair and successful musical playing around the world, Timothy David ‘Tim’ Minchin was ready for this in 1975. One time girl group member now found judging one of Simon Cowell’s shows via winning equally dull show – Strictly Come Dancing, Alesha Dixon started to breathe slow in 1978.

For those who’ve missed dead Popes over the past few days, you’re in luck today as the only Pope called Mark vacated the Vatican in 336. King Charles III of France also called the Simple or the Straightforward was just straight from 929. Having mentioned an Archbishop of Canterbury and Cape Town, along with the above Pope, it seems only right and proper 10th Sikh Guru, Gobind Rai or Guru Gobind Singh is not left out as he unwrapped himself in 1708. Another religious bod, this one German Lutheran pastor shipped off to America to spread the word, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg started to spread out in the graveyard from 1787. Writer/poet Edgar Allan Poe didn’t have the happiest day of his life in 1849. Second Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin obviously had enough of drinking Foster’s and sunbathing given he didn’t manage to do either after 1919. Clarence Frank Birdseye II who didn’t look anything like the salty old sea dog featured in the fish finger adverts, found himself frozen in 1956. British hostage who got Billy Connelly into trouble, Kenneth John ‘Ken’ Bigley found his time was up in 2004. Actor Charles Adams Claverie or Charles Rocket took to the wagons east! in 2005. Finally, Mexican drug lord Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano obviously ran out of speed, (whizz, sulph, paste, Billy, baste, amphetamine sulphate or just amphetamine) in 2012.


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