Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th October

Today’s births start in 1875 when English tennis player who actually won some tournaments, (along with two Olympic gold medals) – Hugh Laurence ‘Laurie’ Doherty slipped through the net. Co-founder of Delta Air Service, (now Delta Air Lines), Collett Everman Woolman flew out in 1889. Argie President and husband of Maria Eva Duarte de Perón, Juan Domingo Perón staked his claim on life from 1895. Also born that year, the person who started off in public life as Prime Minister, then President before installing himself as King – Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli/Zogu and then graduating to Zog I, King of the Albanians, started having ideas above his station. Norwegian of the day, microtonal composer and music theorist Eivind Groven found his rhythm in 1901. First actor to star as Superman – Kirk Alyn, wasn’t found in a telephone box after his birth in 1910. 78th Prime Minister of Japan Kiichi Miyazawa started to see the rising sun from 1919. Actor William Frederick George Williams or Bill Maynard, wasn’t a yo-yo baby in 1928. Winner of six world championships in potting various coloured balls at snooker (yawn), Ray Reardon cued off in 1932. Master chef with three Michelin stars to his name, along with various restaurants dotted around the world, Albert Roux hasn’t mixed up his birthdate since 1935. Known for plugging Foster’s Lager and saying, ‘Strewth’ a lot, Paul Hogan was almost an angel from 1939. Civil rights activist who also threw his hat into the American Presidential ring a couple of times, Jesse Louis Burns/Jesse Louis Jackson Sr., was centre of attention in 1941. National Lampoon favourite who starred in a Paul Simon video trying to play a tin whistle, Cornelius Crane ‘Chevy’ Chase was probably nothing but trouble after his birth in 1943. John William Cummings or Johnny Ramone as his fans knew him, found he didn’t want to grow up from today in 1948. Star of various boring sci-fi films, Susan Alexandra Weaver or as her American Equity card states, Sigourney Weaver had her year of living dangerously from 1949. Ex-football player but now manager with the rather unfortunate surname – Ralf Minge kicked things off in 1960. Star of various un-amusing sit coms, Ardal O’Hanlan born in 1965, didn’t, it turns out, have a father called Ted. Actor Matthew Paige ‘Mat’ Damon wasn’t born behind the candelabra, rather in front of the spotlights back in 1970. Also born that year, André Previn’s daughter who shacked up with Woody Allen, (who’s 37 years her senior), Soon-Yi Previn entered stage right. Erna Inari Kaarina Siikavirta, keyboardist with hard rock band Lordi, (the band that topped dullfest known as the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006), hopefully didn’t scare her parents too much in 1997. Singer Peter Gene Hernandez/Bruno Mars, would have been a runaway baby if he’d been able to use his legs in 1985.

As for deaths, 92nd Emperor of Japan – Emperor Fushimi had plenty of chrysanthemum’s at his funeral in 1317. Having mentioned astronomer Christen Sørensen Longomontnus a mere four days ago, here he is again given he found himself among the stars in 1647. American with the odd haircut, large towers named in his honour in Boston and Chicago, not to mention various US Navy ships – John Hancock took his leave in 1793. Another leading American, this one 14th President of the United States of America, Franklin Pierce had his final tipple in 1869. Actor known for playing Dr Watson in various Sherlock Holmes films, William Nigel Ernie Bruce was unable to stand up and cheer! from 1953. British Labour Prime Minister Clement Richard Attlee, voted the most successful PM of Britain in the 20th century, wasn’t terribly successful at getting up from 1967. German Chancellor and Nobel Prize winner, Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm or Willy Brandt left the house for good in 1992. Original Sky News anchor, Robert ‘Bob’ Friend saw his auto cue run out in 2008. Finally, singer/journalist Varsha Bhosle, daughter of singer Asha Bhosle wrote her own obit in 2012.


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