Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10 October

Today’s births paragraph starts with chemist/physicist and founder of hydrogen, Henry Cavendish unwittingly started emitting methane from 1731. Queen Isabel II of Spain was installed on the throne all of three years after her birth in 1830. Norwegian of the day is Captain Flashheart looky likey, (who was mentioned on 13th May when his exploring days were over), Fridtjof Nansen saw land for the first time in 1861. Legendary game show host and entertainer Christopher Nicholas Parsons kept everyone guessing as to when he’d appear in 1923. Also born that year is gaff prone F1 commentator, Graeme Murray Walker found the slipstream. Nobel prize winning playwright (among other things), Harold Pinter started having birthday parties from 1930. Right hand man, (probably because he lost his left one) to Yasser Arafat in the PLO, Khalil al-Wazir or Abu Jihad, was ‘the baby of struggle’ in 1935. Actor (Walter) Charles Dance became the golden child in his parents eyes from 1946. Cheeky chappie who presented Capital Radio’s Breakfast Show for donkey’s years before going onto host Charles Ingram’s favourite quiz show, Christopher John ‘Chris’ Tarrant started to hog the limelight from 1946. Singer partly responsible for Christmas song, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ – James ‘Midge’ Ure was born in Cambuslang and not Vienna in 1953. More extravagant rock star, (with the hair), David Lee Roth found push comes to shove in 1954. Bollywood actress but now an MP Rekha Ganesan, known only by her first name, voted with her feet as to which day should be her birthday from 1954. Croydon, (Surrey), born singer Kirsty Anna MacColl entered the free world in 1959. Younger bro to fellow band mate Gary, member of 80’s poncey New Romantic band Spandau Ballet, Martin John Kemp has been true over his birthdate since 1961. Second Norwegian of the day, Olympic champ in cross-country skiing Vegard Ulvang had a straight run in 1963. Retired Olympic rower who now talks incessantly throughout races, Matthew Clive Pinsent was the outrigger in 1970.

Kicking things off in the deaths paragraph, King Hugh IV of Cyprus and nominally King of Jerusalem as Hugh II, was reduced to a coat of arms in 1359. Dutch explorer who found Van Dieman’s Land (or Tasmania as it is now), New Zealand and first to sight Fiji Island, – Abel Janszoon Tasman lost his bearings in 1659. Sort of Samuel Pepys as well as being Archbishop of Canterbury, John Potter stepped down from the pulpit in 1747. Straggly bearded fifth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (or Mormons), Lorenzo Snow joined the other four presidents knocking on heaven’s door in 1901. Distinctive boss of Tennessee whiskey bearing his name, Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel distilled himself in 1911. Another drinks giant, this one brewer of gassy beer -Budweiser, Adolphus Busch began the secondary fermentation process in 1913. King of Romania with a woman’s name, (along with the excessive medals and extra large clothes brushes on the shoulder), Carol I didn’t have to spend two hours getting dressed from 1914. Having mentioned Charlotte Cooper Sterry (née Charlotte Reinagle Cooper), on the 22nd September when she entered the world, here she is again given she didn’t have the advantage in 1966. Luvvie contemporary of both John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier, Sir Ralph David Richardson was out of character from 1983. Bald headed actor Yuly Borisovich Briner, or just Yul Brynner had his own death rage in 1985. Also dying that year, Orson Welles heard the clapperboard fall for the last time. Superman actor, (in a motorised wheelchair) Christopher D’Olier Reeves ran out of Kryptonite in 2004. Singer with Irish boy band, Boyzone, Stephen Patrick David Gately had a new beginning in 2009. Two very different people gave up in 2010 – large framed soul singer Solomon Burke found he could stop. The other, Australian opera singer Dame Joan Alston Sutherland found it was all over when the fat lady sang. Ghazal singer with the harmonium and rug/cushions to make him comfy, Jagmohan Singh or Jagjit Singh became a mirage in 2011. Finally, dead Norwegian of the day, Olav Dale found himself D flat major in 2014.


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