Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th October

Another ancient Scandinavian royal kicks things off today given curly haired King Frederick of Denmark and Norway started off in Copenhagen Castle back in 1671. Next up is founder of the YMCA, (though it would take the Village People to come up with the dance moves), George Williams draped himself over his mum from 1821. Founder of food company bearing his name, Henry John Heinz started with wind production in 1844. Norwegian of the day is god loving Johan Oscar Smith who began following his parents in 1871. Handbag swinging suffragette with a road named in her honour at Epsom Downs, (having decided it would be a good idea to end her life under the King’s horse at The Derby), Emily Wilding Davison raced through in 1872. Dad to non presidential presidential candidate and property mogul Donald – Frederick Christ ‘Fred’ Trump started developing in 1905. Bollywood actor with the grey goatee and ill fitting wig, Amitabh Harivansh Rai Shrivastava Bachchan’s parents made sure they got their money’s worth on his birth certificate in 1942. Television detective who played Bergerac and Tom Barnaby, John Vivian Drummond Nettles worked out the best day to be born on in 1943. One half of singing duo Hall & Oates, Daryl Franklin Hohl, (or to give him the correct spelling, Hall) didn’t have a missed opportunity having been delivered in 1946. Ex-Mrs L Henry and Vicar of Dibley as well as being one half of classic comedy duo French & Saunders, Dawn Roma French was a bit alternative in 1957. Known for his role in Beverley Hills 90210, actor Coy Luther ‘Luke’ Perry III joined the community in 1965. Prince Constantjin of the Netherlands from the House of Orange Nassau was all white in 1968. Golfer Michelle Sung Wie drove things forward in 1989.

As for deaths, we see Pope Boniface VIII start the deaths paragraph seeing as he kicked the bucket in 1303. Not only is there a Pope, there’s also an Archbishop of Canterbury – Edward White Benson put the collection box away for the last time in 1896. Oldest of the Marx Brothers, Leonard ‘Chico’ Marx headed west in 1961. Singer Édith Giovanna Gassion, who changed that to Édith Piaf (the one with the drawn on eye brows) lost the air in her lungs from 1963. Not a porn star, (though with that name anything’s possible), but medal heavy soldier Chesty Puller or to give his correct name – Lewis Burrell Puller stopped collecting medals in 1971. Actress Bonita Granville decided to call it a day in 1988. First, First Minister of Scotland (before the delusional one turned up), Donald Campbell Dewar dropped his ministerial box off in 2000. Finally, lederhosen wearing member of the singing family with a film made about them, Werner Ritter Von Trapp said, ‘So Long, Farewell’ etc in 2007.


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