Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th October

Today’s posting begins with son of King Henry VIII – King Edward VI of England and Ireland, started wearing ruffled nappies from 1537. Fellow King, of Portugal and the Algarves who spread his sea faring legs to be Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro I liberated himself in 1798. Confederate Army solider who saw action in various wars throughout his life, William Joseph Hardee battled through in 1815. First Labour Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, James Ramsey MacDonald lost his first deposit in 1866. Dorking, (Surrey) resident and composer Ralph Vaughan Williams was in harmony with his mum back in 1872. Another Surrey resident, occultist and founder of Thelema – born Edward Alexander Crowley, but known as Aleister Crowley, tore away for the first time in 1875. Pipe smoking host of brain ache quiz, (until they dumbed it down), Magnus Magnusson put his mum on the spot in 1929. Large framed hanky waving tenor, Luciano Pavarotti had a classical birth in 1935. Also born that year, one half of soul duo Sam & Dave, Samuel David Moore left a place nobody can find. Fellow singer, (this one with Motown group The Temptations), David Melvin English or Melvin Franklin’s parents were on cloud nine following his birth in 1942. Morecombe & Wise’s favourite newsreader who now pops up on various consumer programmes, Angela Rippon had her parents announce her arrival in 1944. Long haired three cord king (normally clad in denim), Richard John ‘Rick’ Parfitt rolled over and laid down in 1948. Unamusing comedian and quiz show host, Leslie Heseltine who took on the name Les Dennis, can’t say, ‘I don’t really know’ when his birthday is given he’s been celebrating it since 1953. House cleaner who’s made a living doing so on television, Agnes MacKenzie (or to give her abbreviated name, Aggie MacKenzie), hasn’t been too posh to wash from 1955. Wolverine, aka Hugh Jackman had happy little feet in 1968. Indian actress Suhasini Rajaram Naidu, or just Sneha was too young to sign her autograph in 1981.

Another day, another two dead Popes – first up Pope Honorius I did the honourable thing in 638, whilst next but one Pope, Pope John IV gave the Vatican another ‘Sede vacante’ in 642. Relative (through marriage) to Fry’s chocolate maker Joseph, Elizabeth Fry, (who’s just about still visible on the back of English £5 notes), found herself buried rather than burnt in 1845. Courageous nurse Edith Louisa Cavell who saved soldiers of all nationalities during the First World War, found the bullet with her name on it when shot by the Germans in 1915. Early day Western actor Thomas Hezikiah Mix, or Thomas Edwin Mix wasn’t saved by the Pony Express in 1940. Dead Norwegian of the day, figure skater/actress Sonja Henie turned over in 1969. Vincent Eugene Craddock, (or just Gene Vincent) had his last session in 1971. Girlfriend of punk rocker Sid Vicious, Nancy Laura Spungen looked pretty vacant in 1978. Veteran announcer John Leonard ‘Johnny’ Olson had to leave his obituary for someone else to announce in 1985. Tennis player Jean René Lacoste/the Crocodile, he of overpriced clothes found his game was up in 1996. Finally, James Ford ‘Jim’ Cairns, (from Melbourne) who was mentioned on the 4th October in the above paragraph gets another mention given he stood down in 2003.


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