Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th October

It’s a bit of a quiet day on the births front, so much so we start in 1902 with actress from The Beverley Hillbillies, Jesse Irene Noblitt or Irene Ryan started off as a redneck in Texas. Albino Luciano the Pope for all of 33 days as Pope John Paul I, found himself under water for his baptism this day in 1912. Actress/dancer Margarita Carmen Cansino who went onto find fame as Rita Hayworth, left the money trap in 1918. Frank Bruno’s favourite sports commentator, Harry Leonard Carpenter was into the one-two combo back in 1925. Nutritionist with the controversial diet named in his honour Robert Coleman Atkins, started on liquids in 1930. Stunt motorcyclist and breaker of multiple bones in the process, Robert Craig ‘Evel’ Knieval launched off in 1938. Leopard skin thong enthusiast with the mirrored ceiling, mullet owning strip club and night club owner Peter Stringfellow shimmied his way through in 1940. Theatrical producer of various dull musicals, Cameron Anthony Mackintosh has never made a song and dance about being born in 1946. Co-creator of un-amusing comedy series ‘The League of Gentlemen’ and writer for Dr. Who, Mark Gatiss was a bright young thing in 1966. Woolly hat wearing son of Bob, reggae singer David Nesta ‘Ziggy’ Marley started spending family time with his folks from 1968. A year later in 1969 South African divot maker Theodore Ernest ‘Ernie’ Els was on the charge. Also born that year, contender for Haitian President whilst not rapping, Wyclef Jeanelle Jean was unable to hold on any longer. Another rapper, this one partial to wearing a grey hoodie all the time and bestie to MP Ann Widdicombe – Marshall Bruce Mathews III or Eminem found what his name is from 1972. Former rally driver now to be found in F1 cars on starting grids around the world, Kimi-Matias Räikkönen slipstreamed it in 1979.

Death wise, we also have a Pope as Pope Boniface II found it wasn’t a miracle dying in 532. Composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin or to give his alternative spelling, Frédéric François Chopin left his heart in Warsaw from 1849. Last Emperor of China and final ruler of the Qing dynasty Henry Pu Yi or just Puyi, ended up as ashes in 1967. George, Crown Prince of Serbia lasted ten years and a day longer than sister given he keeled over in 1972. Third President of the Italian Republic, Giovanni Gronchi, was more dead than a lame duck from 1978. Actress who played another busy body crime solver, Miss Marple – Joan Bogle Hickson wasn’t the body in the library, more the one in the hospital bed back in 1998. Dead Norwegian of the day, frontman to rock band Jokke & Valentinerne – Joachim Nielsen, or just Jokke, didn’t suffer from feedback after 2000. Singer with the Four Tops, Levi Stubbs found he was unable to reach out from 2008. Finally, composer to The Addams Family, Victor ‘Vic’ Mizzy has managed to take it easy from 2009.


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