Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th October

Today’s posting begins with future Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbott was a divine child from 1562. Not the boxer who ‘flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee’ – but advocate of the abolition of slavery, Cassius Clay established himself in 1810. Clergyman Ralph William Lyonel Tollemache-Tollemache, who chose ever random names for his children, (one of whom was mentioned a few months ago), started off with a normal name in 1826. Having mentioned Louis Jean Lumière on the 5th October, here’s his older brother Auguste Marie Louis Lumière who saw his first scene in 1852. Co-founder of Merrill-Lynch, Charles Edward Merrill took his initial deposit in 1885. Norwegian of day is the person his fellow countrymen can blame for their performance in dull fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Arne Joachim Bendiksen received more than ‘Nil points’ from his folks in 1926. Born David John Moore Cornwell who now goes by the pen name John le Carré, found he had some smiley people around him in 1931. Known equally for his roles in Dennis Potter television plays as for his portrayal of some professor in the boring Harry Potter films, Michael John Gambon wasn’t the insider in 1940. 1970’s high pitched screecher to disco music George Warren McCrae Jr., had his parents rock their baby in 1944. Singer/songwriter who had the original hit with ‘Tainted Love’ and girlfriend of Marc Bolan, Gloria Richetta Jones wasn’t a bad seed in 1945. Also born that year, Harris Glenn Milstead who grew into cross-dressing queen Divine, certainly didn’t drag things out. Manager of the England football team for all of 67 days before being embroiled in a bribery scandal, Samuel ‘Sam’ Allardyce obviously had better anticipation skills in 1954. Boxer Evander Holyfield didn’t hit the ropes when delivered in 1962. Prince Laurent of Belgium had his folks toast his arrival with a decent Trappist beer in 1963. Ex-girlfriend of high trousered pop mogul who clogs the airwaves with his puppets, (sorry protégés), Sinitta Renay Malone found it was never too late to be born in 1966. Shouty television presenter Davina Lucy Pascale McCall’s parents didn’t say, ‘Fc@k’ or ‘Bu@$€r’ when she was born in 1967.

As for deaths, there aren’t a great deal to report on, but we do begin with Pope Urban III who had a pretty good excuse not to be Pope after 1187. Ye olde King of England John, or John Lackland, booked a space in Worcester Cathedral from 1216. Another King, this one Luís I of Portugal relinquished his towel over the sun lounger in 1889. George Mortimer Pullman, he of comfy railway carriages started a sleep in that lasts to this day from 1897. First President of Mexico to be featured today, Plutarco Elías Calles munched his last burrito in 1945. Not to be outdone, 44th President of Mexico Lázaro Cárdenas Del Río didn’t get to preside over his funeral in 1970. Acclaimed cello player Jacqueline Mary du Pré didn’t string out her death in 1987. Finally, national treasure Lynda Bellingham went off the boil in 2014.


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