Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th October

After a relaxing few days in Vienna, here we are again celebrating the births, as well as the lives of the following:

Non relation to travel agent Thomas, famous captain and explorer James Cook started to map out his life from 1728. Violinist and composer Niccoló Paganini strung along in 1782. Founder of sewing machine company bearing his name, Isaac Merritt Singer managed to have his thread cut in 1811. William Smith who started Scotland’s answer to the Cub Scouts – the Boys’ Brigade was paraded for the first time in 1854. Nobel Peace Prize winning 26th President of the United States of America, who’s also credited with being the person teddy bears are named after – Theodore Roosevelt Jr., forged the way in 1858. Actor John Elmer ‘Jack’ Carson had his parents bringing up baby in 1910. Known for his poetry, Dylan Marlais Thomas experienced a child’s Christmas in Wales from 1914. Ex-President of the African National Congress and anti-apartheid campaigner Oliver Reginald Tambo escaped to freedom in 1917. Pop artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein went ‘Whaam!’ in 1923. Another poet, Sylvia Plath was short of words in 1932. Legendary lanky comedy actor John Marwood Cleese started the Ministry of Silly Walks a year or so after 1939. Head of the Gambino crime family, John Joseph Gotti Jr., started deflecting the blame in 1940. Norwegian of the day, jazz musician/composer Arild Andersen’s parents were listening for the silence from today in 1945. Filled out lead singer with early 80’s New Romantic band Duran Duran, (who are still pushing records out), Simon James Charles Le Bon entered planet earth in 1958. Another ex-Mrs D. Trump Marla Ann Marples took the executive decision to celebrate her birthday from today in 1963. Singaporean born British string plucker, and alpine skier (for Thailand), Vanessa-Mae created a storm in 1978. Potty mouthed tattooed daughter of Ozzy and Shaaarrron, Kelly Osborne hasn’t shut up since 1984.

Death wise, King Athelstan I of England must have used some proper Anglo Saxon words before his death in 939. Ivan III Vasilyevich or Ivan the Great found he was Ivan the Stiff in 1505. Two time Prime Minister of Greece Thrasyvoulos Zaimis found a sunny spot in 1880. Australian gangster Joseph Theodore Lesley ‘Squizzy’ Taylor took his bullet in 1927. One time land speed record holder Ernest Arthur Douglas Eldridge found things a lot slower in 1937. Indian mathematician Chakravarthi Padmanabhan Ramanujam got his numbers mixed up and died in 1974. Daughter of Arch Duke Frank Ferdinand of Austria, Princess Sophie of Hohenberg found herself in a crypt from 1990. Actor in Bengali and Hindi films Pradeep Kumarhad his final wrap in 2001. Ex-husband of current Argentinian President, who was also El-Presidenti of Argentina (minus the Falkland Islands), Néstor Kirchner didn’t have a beef about dying in 2010. Finally, Lewis Allen ‘Lou’ Reed didn’t have a perfect day in 2013.


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