Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th October

Seeing as there are no Popes or Archbishops of Canterbury to mention today, we’ll start with Norwegian of the day, sailor in the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy Peter Jansen Wessel Tordensjkold should have been called Derrick by his parents in 1690. Painter better known by his surname, (thereby pre-empting all those mono named celebs by a few years), Giovanni Antonio Canal, (or as his scrawl on his paintings states Canaletto), had his first viewing in 1697. Designer of the Remington rifle and founder of Remington Arms Co, Eliphalet Remington had his single shot at life and took it in 1793. Writer of various lengthy books and dad to son with the slightly alternative name ‘Auberon’ – Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh took a tactical exercise in 1903. Figurative painter Francis Bacon eased his way into life back in 1909. Singer/actress Clementine Dinah Bullock or Cleo Laine has been smilin’ through life since 1927. Diminutive billionaire with a penchant for very tall ladies as well as being the boss of F1 (yawn) not to mention bunging money to German lawyers and looking like one of the Potty Time characters, Bernard Charles ‘Bernie’ Ecclestone saw his first skid marks in 1930. Respected television commentator, host of Question Time, recipient of a scorpion tattoo a couple of years ago and older bro to Jonathan, David Dimbleby found his voice in 1938. Known for his Cockney rhyming slang term as well as fronting Cliff Richard’s backing band, Brian Robson Rankin (or Hank Marvin), found the joy of living from 1941. Actor who starred in various American cop dramas, Dennis Franz Schlachta didn’t have a body double in 1944. Singer Glen Geoffrey Ellis, or Wayne Fontana, started to stop, look and listen from 1945. The world’s richest person, (depending on which rich list you read/believe), is also the person you shout and curse when his company’s software slows down and eventually grinds to a halt, William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates III successfully downloaded in 1955. Slightly unhinged sixth President of Iran, Mahmoud Sabbaghian or as he’s now known Mahmoud Ahmadinejad probably won’t bother having any cake in celebration of his 60th birthday. Actress Julia Fiona Roberts gave her parents something to talk about from 1967. Born Joaquín Rafael Bottom before taking the name Leaf Phoenix and then altering it (again) to Joaquín Rafael Phoenix younger bro to River Jude Bottom/Phoenix couldn’t perform a U turn in 1974. Short lived Doctor Who, actor Matthew Robert ‘Matt’ Smith started his time travels in 1982. Comedy actor Joseph ‘Joe’ Thomas wasn’t an inbetweener given he emerged in 1983.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground again today and to this end we start with wife of Haakon VI of Norway – Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Margaret I of Denmark relinquished her role in 1412. Flautist and bassoonist Michel Blavet didn’t get to blow his trumpet (or flute) again after 1768. Seventh Australian Prime Minister William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes (where else would you get a PM called that?!) had his last deposit in 1952. Having mentioned his wife only yesterday, here’s Poet Laureate Edward James ‘Ted’ Hughes who obviously didn’t get any time to think of a witty epitaph for his headstone in 1998. Founder of clothing store company H&M, Erling Persson closed down in 2002. Star of Hawaii Five-O, James Gordon MacArthur was no longer walking tall from 2010. Finally, former platform sweeper/porter at London Victoria Station before taking a few steps up the ladder in life to become fifth President of Zaire, Michael Chilufya Sata left his suitcase untouched from 2014.


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