Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th October

Today’s posting begins with baggy trousered arm band wearing Reich Minister of Propaganda for the Nazis, Paul Joseph Goebbles found the limelight in 1897. Distinguished English act tor Timothy Sydney Robert Hardy had thunderpants in 1925. American actor who likes a spat with with his co-stars, Richard Stephen Dreyfuss didn’t get to hear the doctor say, ‘Hello done there’ in 1947. One of the original Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Kate Jackson was part of the baby boom in 1948. Ex-racing driver who did really well in 1979 by attaining no wins in eight races, before going onto present Top Gear with his droning voice, Timothy ‘Tiff’ Needell actually got pole position in 1951. Voice of Homer Simpson in over running cartoon series, Daniel Louis ‘Danny’ Castellaneta’s parents had their ‘whoo hoo!’ moment in 1957. Another member of the family that takes pet chimps, bowler hats, white members of the family and moonwalking as the norm, Steven Randall ‘Randy’ Jackson was goin’ places in 1961. Having mentioned her old man a couple of days ago, here’s model Yasmin Le Bon (née Parvenah) who made the right impression in 1964. Norwegian of the day, speed skater Johann Olav Koss found he had the right of way in 1968. Winona Laura Horowitz, (but better known as Winona Ryder), not only gained the attention of Tim Burton but also the LAPD, had her first night on earth in 1971. Ex-captain of the ashes winning English cricket team in 2005, Michael Paul Vaughan wasn’t caught behind in 1974. Star of various Tamil and Telugu films, Reemma Sen had her first starring role in 1981.

As for deaths, medieval Archbishop of Canterbury Aethelnoth rested his sandals from 1038. King of Serbia – Stefan Uroš II Milutin somewhat ironically has had a feast day in his honour since 1321. Queen Liz the First’s favourite explorer Sir Walter Raleigh didn’t get to feel rough after today in 1618. Assassin of United States of America President William McKinley, (who was killed in 1901), Leon Frank Czolgosz found himself in the same state 45 days later having been executed. Joseph Pulitzer didn’t win any awards for dying in 1911. King Gustaf V of Sweden found he was unable to indulge in roll mop herrings and resisted the Jannon’s for good after 1950. Co-founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Lazar Meir/Louis Burt Mayer saw the clapperboard fall on his life in 1957. Howard Stanton Levey, or as he renamed himself, Anton Szandor LaVey – founder of the Church of Satan, had his day of judgement in 1997. Finally, we started with a reviled character and we finish with another, tinted sunglass wearing, cigar chomping sex pest Sir James Winston Vincent ‘Jimmy’ Savile – I’ll say no more, except he got away with it until his death in 2011.


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