Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th October

Births today begin with first inhabitant of the White House and second President of the United States of America, John Adams started off with white sheets in 1735. Bloody French physician, sodding expletive deleted Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette the one with the bloody expletive deleted neurological disorder named after him, was a right little sod in 1857. Goatee bearded 33rd President of Mexico, Francisco Ignacio Madero González was a stately child from 1873. Scrawny, weakling body builder who became an international star, Angelo Siciliano or as his adverts used to state, Charles Atlas, took a weight off his mum in 1893. Film director turned restaurant critic, Robert Michael Winner wasn’t told to, ‘calm down dear’ by the nurse in 1935. Grace Barnett Wing who went onto find fame as Grace Barnett Slick found nothing was going to stop her being born in 1939. Also born that year, songwriter Edward ‘Eddie’ Holland Jr., started the baby shake. Known for playing ‘The Fonz’ before graduating to pantomime, Henry Franklin Winkler started having happy days from 1945. Snapper of the stars and royalty, Mario Testino lit up his parent’s lives from 1954. Talented, (or cheating depending where you stand), footballer who was also a fan of the ‘Columbian marching powder’, Diego Maradona slipped through without the hand of god in 1960. Daughter of trailing Republican Presidential candidate with the mop of blonde hair, Donald – Ivanka Trump was the apprentice in 1981.

As for deaths, the following were found rattling the Pearly Gates – King Charles IX of Sweden vacated the throne in 1611, much to the relief of Gustav II Adolf. Two time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William Henry Cavendish Cavendish Bentinck added another title to his extensive list in 1809, deceased. Third Prime Minister of Canada, who lasted all of 17 months at the helm, John Joseph Caldwell Abbott got to use the other dispatch box in 1893. Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and founder of The Red Cross Jean Henri Dunant couldn’t rely on one of his volunteers to save him in 1910. Another PM of Canada, this one the sixth to hold the title, (albeit for only 69 days), Sir Charles Tupper began wearing a pine overcoat in 1915. Second Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to be featured here today, Andrew Bonar Law entered another place in 1923. Inventor of the bouncing bomb, Sir Barnes Neville Wallis (who was mentioned back on 26th September in honour of his birth), bumped to a halt in 1979. B-movie and television actor, Kirby Grant Hoon Jr., who was known as Kirby Hoon became a sky king in 1985. Thornton ‘T’ Hee, animator responsible for the Dance of the Hours in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, found himself on the cutting room floor in 1988. Finally, Jason William Mizell who adopted the slightly hipper moniker ‘Jam Master Jay’ has been down with the king since 2002.


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