Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st November

Today’s births paragraph begins with Louis the Stammerer – King of Aquitaine and West Francia, who found out after 846 things could have been worse as his dad went by the name Charles the Bald. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (with the distinction of being the only one to be assassinated) Spencer Percival scored a win with his family in 1762. King of Sweden Gustav IV Adolf started wearing sashes from 1778. 11th Dalai Lama Khedrup Gyatso had a simple birth in 1838 before going onto lead a simple life as a Buddhist monk and having a simple funeral a mere 17 years later. Horror film actor Edward Van Sloan found the mummy in 1882. Painter known for his matchstick men in his paintings, Laurence Stephen (L.S.) Lowry had spindly arms and legs himself in 1887. Head of rusting car manufacturer FIAT and politician Umberto Agnelli hitched a ride in 1934. Writer of various overlong songs for lanky haired hanky waving singer Meatloaf, James Richard ‘Jim’ Steinman was born faster than the speed of night in 1947. Founder of Lotus Software company, Mitchell David ‘Mitch’ Kapor found being born as easy as 1-2-3 in 1950. Founding member of funk group Kool & The Gang, born Ronald Nathan Bell before dropping the Nathan and now known as Khalis Bayyan in his local mosque, has been wild and peaceful since 1951. Ex-Mr Julia Roberts, country (yawn) singer Lyle Pearce Lovett had his ‘here I am’ moment in 1957. Successor to Steve Jobs at Apple, Timothy Donald ‘Tim’ Cook had his parents COO over him in 1960. Olympic swimmer who bagged a silver medal in Moscow and was married to thoroughly decent chap (ex-athlete) Derek Redmond, Sharon Elizabeth Davies had the right posture in 1962. Also born that year is Norwegian of the day, keyboard player with A-ha, Magne Furuholem who had his first tinkle. Joining both of them in 1962 was extensively tattooed musician, singer with Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis who was unable to get up and jump. One armed drummer with Def Leppard, Richard John Cyril ‘Rick’ Allen let it go in 1963. Australian singer/songwriter Tina Arena has been strong as steel since 1967. Another singer/songwriter born that year, omnisexual Sophie Ballantine Hawkins found herself right beside her parents. Having found stardom in Muriel’s Wedding, Antonia ‘Toni’ Collett was little miss sunshine in 1972. Indian cricketer Vangipurapu Venkata Sai ‘V.V.S’ Laxman wasn’t stranded in 1974.

Death wise, things are a bit thin on the ground (again), but I’ve come up with the following: painter of large areas, Giulio Romano forgot his mannerisms in 1546.
Explorer who liked to walk around Lake Michigan, Jean Nicolet de Belleborne started exploring the inside of a wooden box from 1642. Inbred King of Spain who looked like a woman, Charles II stopped swigging Rioja in 1700. Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Prince of Finland, Alexander III of Russia took time out of his busy schedule to die in 1894. Actress/dancer/singer and first wife of Bing Crosby, Wilma Winnifred Wyatt who went by the alternative name of Dixie Lee shuffled off the set in 1952. Philip ‘Phil’ Silvers got his marching orders in 1985. Inventor and Loch Ness Monster hunter, (among many other things), Robert Harvey Rines didn’t get round to patenting a longer life given he popped his clogs in 2009. Mum to the other US Presidential hopeful, Hilary – Dorothy Howell Rodham called it quits in 2011. Finally, Hakimullah Mehsud, Pakistani Taliban leader got his just deserts in 2013.


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