Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd November

We see the following having celebrated/are celebrating their birthdays today – first up is ancient King of England (for all of 86 days), Edward V lasted all of 12 years from 1470. Continuing the old royal theme, Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, who’s better known as Marie Antoinette started shovelling cake in celebration of her birthday from 1755. 11th President of the United States of America, James Knox Polk wasn’t a surprise candidate for his parents in 1795. Not to be outdone, 29th President of the United States of America Warren Gamaliel Harding led a blameless life from 1895, (though that seemed to change upon his death). Cricketer and founding figure of rugby league in Australia, Victor Thomas Trumper started trumping in 1877. Founder of car designing company, Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina made sure he got his aerodynamics just right in 1893. Subject of film Seven Years in Tibet, mountaineer/cartographer Peter Aufschnaiter spent Thirty years in Austria from 1899. Burton Stephen ‘Burt’ Lancaster who was mentioned on 20th October upon his demise, gets another go today given he was a little treasure in 1913. Actress Therese Ann Rutherford started to go with the wind in 1917. Ice hockey player who turned his hand to religion by becoming a Catholic priest, David William Bauer, didn’t crash the net in 1924. Formerly Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark, but now Queen Sofia of Spain – has looked forward to receiving a birthday card from her first cousin once removed, the Duke of Edinburgh since 1938. Born in that hot bed of rock’n’rolldom Bognor Regis, Bruce Cripps or Bruce Welch as Sir Cliff of Richard knows him, was more than a shadow in 1941. Stefanie Zofya Paul or Stephanie Powers as she’s better known, started having a heart to heart with her parents from 1942. Keyboard player and composer with prog rock, (read overlong boring music), band ELP Keith Noel Emerson started from the beginning in 1944. Pop and country singer with the lower case name k.d. lang (or Kathryn Dawn Lang) has had a constant craving for more presents since 1961. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (born Shahrukh Khan), arrived on cue in 1965. Known for his role in un-amusing sit-com Friends, David Laurence Schwimmer didn’t keep a deadly silence whilst being delivered in 1966. Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., who uses the not so hip name ‘Nelly’, worked it just right to celebrate his birthday this day from 1974.

Death wise, having started the above paragraph with an ancient royal, here’s another, Emma of France found her time was up in 934. It also isn’t the day to be a member of the Aragon family given Peter III of Aragon and Valencia, or Count of Valencia, or Count of Barcelona, or even, King of Sicily, call him what you will, didn’t survive the day in 1285. His son, James II of Aragon, or King of Sicily, or King of Aragon and Valencia, or Count of Valencia, or (and this is a new one), King of Sardinia and Corsica, also managed to die on the same day in 1327. Archbishop of Canterbury – Richard Bancroft, lost his view of the Thames from Lambeth Palace after 1610. Johanna Maria Lind, the Swedish opera singer found it was all over when the fat lady sang in 1887. Co-founder of the London School of Economics and writer, George Bernard Shaw saw to it that he ran out of words in 1950. Film director nicknamed, ‘The Master of Disaster’ for his works on The Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno, Irwin Allen found out first hand what happened when time ran out in 1991. Known for producing Laurel & Hardy films, Harold Eugene ‘Hal’ Roach Snr., had a dime with a halo in 1992. Singer Eva Cassidy went to the other side in 1996. Relative to painter Vincent, film maker Theo van Gogh found the bullet with his name on it in 2004. Finally, top hatted, garish waist coated, goatee bearded clarinet player Bernard Stanley ‘Acker’ Bilk drew his final breath in 2014.


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