Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 2nd November

We start today’s posting with inventor of the sandwich, John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich, was wrapped when born in 1718. Confederate General in the American Civil War, Jubal Anderson Early arrived late in 1816. 122nd Emperor of Japan, Emperor Meiji was a bit confused with his new surroundings from 1852. The man behind Adidas, (which isn’t an acronym for All day I dream about sex), and younger bro to Rudolph (founder of Puma), Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler had his tongue out in 1900. Ludvic Henry Coverley Kennedy bobbed along in 1919. Charles Bronson, (not the maladjusted prisioner), but actor who was mentioned on 30th August when his death wish came true, finds himself here again given he let his mum win the battle of the bulge in 1921. Frozen french fry merchant Harrison McCain chipped his way through in 1927. Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, or Lulu as she’s better known, started off screaming in 1948, before graduating to shouting in 1963. Known for her bob haircut and wearing of sunglasses virtually all time, editor of Vogue Anna Wintour fashioned her arrival in 1949. Large, shouting, un-amusing sit-com star and one time United States of America Presidential hopeful, Roseann Cherie Barr had her first taste of general hospital in 1952. Actress and current Mrs S Spielberg, Kathleen ‘Kate’ Capshaw Spielberg had just cause being born in 1953. Face painted singer with the Hussars tunic, Stewart Leslie Goddard or Adam Ant stomped onto the scene in 1954. Not only a graduate in chemistry and with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering, action actor born Hans, (but known as Dolph) Lundgren ambushed his mums’ day in 1957. Old biddies favourite television presenter, that nice young man Benjamin ‘Ben’ Myer Fogle started making tracks in 1973. ‘Adult’, ahem, model and actress Aria Giovanni started off life as she meant to carry on, wearing no clothes, in 1977.

As for people keeling over, we start with sharp shooting Wild West star Phoebe Ann Mosey or Annie Oakley was over life and underground in 1926. Dead Norwegian of the day is poet Olav Aukrust who couldn’t find anything to rhyme tuberculosis and gave up trying in 1929. Painter Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse cut himself out of life in 1954. A rare appearance for a non-human here, but Laika the Soviet space dog merits a mention given she was the first animal to orbit the world and had all the space she wanted after today in 1959. The last King of Yugoslavia, Peter II permanently exiled himself in 1970. Baseball commentator Mary Shane found she had her own dugout at the cemetery in 1987. Mum to actor Larry Hagman, muse to Rodgers & Hammerstein and actress Mary Virginia Martin didn’t survive the day by the skin of our teeth in 1990. Inventor of the theremin, Léon Sergeyevich Termen or Lev Theremin stopped making odd noises in 1993. Co-creator of Batman and comic book artist, Robert Khan aka Bob Kane couldn’t draw on any superpowers given he died in 1998. ‘King of Skiffle’, Anthony James ‘Lonnie’ Donegan found his 1956 song, ‘Bury My Body’ come back to haunt him in 2002. Magician and entertainer, Meyer Kessler who took the equally snappy name Carl Ballantine disappeared in a puff of smoke at the crem in 2009. James Patrick ‘Jim’ Clench member of ultimate dad rock band Bachman Turner Overdrive found life doesn’t still go on first hand in 2010. Finally, Pakistani folk singer, Reshma hasn’t got to hear her music in balti houses from 2013.


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