Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th November

Today’s posting begins with original Princess Royal, (among her many other titles), Princess Mary Henrietta, Mary Princess Royal, Countess of Nassau and Princess of Orange started off somewhat blue in 1631. Inventor noted for his development in the modern day farm tractor, Henry George ‘Harry’ Ferguson ploughed his way forward in 1884. Albert D. ‘Dolly’ Stark, an American Major League Baseball umpire was too young to officiate at his birth in 1897, and then had to live his life answering to ‘Dolly’. Aviatrix Evelyn Stone Bryan Johnson cruised along in 1909. Actor born Byron Elseworth Barr who worked that into Gig Young, was too young to kiss in 1913. President of Mattel and inventor of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler (née Mosko), passed the squint test in 1916. Dutch brewer Alfred Henry ‘Freddy’ Heineken was full of gas in 1923. Known for her role as Major Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan in over running un-amusing comedy drama M*A*S*H, Loretta Swit had her own hawkeye in 1937. Younger sis to Freda and ex-member of The Supremes, Scherrie Payne let herself go in 1944. Wife to ex-President of the United States of America, George Dubba, Laura Lane Welch Bush started off as first born in 1946. Christopher Henry ‘Chris’ Difford squeezed his way through in 1954. 28th Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony John ‘Tony’ Abbott didn’t get to hear the motherhood statement in 1957. Having mentioned Lena Hilda Zavaroni on the 1st October when her diet got the better of her, here she is again given her mum didn’t shout, ‘Hold on’ in 1963. American rap singer Sean John Combs must be a fan of Ken Dodd the buck toothed Scouse comedian who rambles on for hours about tickling sticks and other nonsense given he’s better known as Diddy and P. Diddy found there was no other way out in 1975. Also born that year, actor Matthew McConaughey suffered the glory daze. Cutter of vegetables and meat, Australian version of Jamie Oliver, (minus the lisp and other annoying habits), Curtis Stone has been ageing since 1975.

Death wise, composer Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who dropped the Jakob Ludwig Bartholdy bit conducted his final movement in 1847. Sir Arthur Henry Rostron, captain of RMS Carpathia, (the one that picked up passengers from The Titantic after it hit the iceberg), weighed anchor himself in 1940. American weather forecaster, (or rather person who points at a map and say what may happen) Gil Whitney found change in climate back in 1982. Inventor of various things from electric wheelchairs to surgical staple guns George Johann Klein was wheeled off in 1998. Legendary sit-com star Paul Eddington led a good life until 1995. Also not making it through that year, fifth Prime Minister of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize winner – Yitzhak Rabin did more than bite the bullet. Writer of Jurassic Park, (among others), John Michael Crichton found the body temperature zero cool in 2008. Finally, Guinness world record holding Indian chef Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni found himself burnt in 2012.


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