Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th November

Today, the worthy getting mentioned include, among others, second President of Harvard College Charles Chauncey took an educated guess at being born in 1592. Three time Prime Minister of France, Charles Alexandre Dupuy had his first day motion back in 1851. English born Australian runner Edwin Harold ‘Teddy’ Flack, (who obviously wasn’t quick enough to outrun plod in Blighty), but no matter, he upped his game and went onto represent his adopted country in the 1896 Olympics, bagging a couple of golds and a bronze into the deal, found he led the field in 1876. American politician Martin Dies Jr., had to wait 72 years from 1900 to do that. Also born that year, actress best known for her role in Gilligan’s Island Natalie Schafer found the secret beyond the door. Born Leonard Franklin Slye but known to most as Roy Rogers found he was ridin’ down the canyon in 1911. Star of both Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire, born Vivien Mary Hartley but known as Vivien Leigh and Lady Olivier, looked up and laughed in 1913. Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt before becoming Queen of Iran started crawling about nine months after her birth in 1921. Serial marrier, drug addict, alleged wife beater and one half of Ike & Tina Turner, Izear Luster ‘Ike’ Turner Jr., had his here and now moment in 1931. Champion jockey who was better at riding horses than trying to hide his money from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Lester Keith Piggott had all bets off he’d be born in 1935. One time fizzy haired singer partner to Paul Simon, (until they fell out followed by his hair), Arthur Ira ‘Art’ Garfunkel had bright eyes in 1941. Norwegian of the day goes to socialist gravy train jumping Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Johansen or Thorbjørn Jagland didn’t give his parents any peace after 1950. Pock marked shouter to music who’s somehow managed to score one of the biggest hits, Bryan Guy Adams has been waking up the neighbour’s since 1959. Actress Katherine Matilda ‘Tilda’ Swinton became the thumbsucker in 1960. Ex-Mrs J McEnroe and daughter to Ryan, Tatum Beatrice O’Neal started making little noises in 1963. Comedian Christopher David ‘Chris’ Addison found he was in the thick of it in 1971. Non septum owning ex-coke liking actress, Danniella Westbrook wasn’t a celebrity but wanted to get out of there in 1973. Not to be confused with the muso above, David Ryan Adams, was so alive in 1974.

As for deaths, Polish King Casimir III the Great let his beard grow a bit more without anyone witnessing it after 1370. Dead Norwegian of the day, Dano-Norwegian Lutheran Missionary Hans Poulson Egede got to practice what he’d been preaching around Greenland from 1758. Actor Wardell Edward Bond, who abbreviated that to Ward Bond, found the dead end in 1960. Television presenter Eamonn Andrews saw that was his life done in 1987. Pension scheme robbing champagne socialist born Ján Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch but known as Capt’n Bob or to give his official name, Ian Robert Maxwell was found floating (not bobbing) in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991. One half of the Righteous Brothers Robert Lee ‘Bobby’ Hatfield lost that lovin’ feelin’ in 2003. John Rice, an identical twin and world record holder (for being one of the shortest twins at 2ft 10ins or 86 cm) rolled over in 2005. Dennis Avnet who had the unique look and went by the name ‘Stalking Cat’ put his local plastic surgeon out of business in 2007. Finally, no relation to Del and Rodney, chef Charles ‘Charlie’ Trotter was past his use by date in 2013.


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