Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th November

Births today begin with King of Spain, King of Naples, King of Sardinia, King of Sicily, Duke of Milan, Sovereign of the Netherlands and Count Palatine of Burgundy, who was mentioned a mere five days ago, Charles II wasn’t really cut out for such duties from 1661. Inventor of various woodwind instruments, including one bearing his name, Antoine-Joseph ‘Adolphe’ Sax found his lungs in full working order from 1814. Norwegian of the day with the extra large beret and who’s book titles I couldn’t decipher, Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie found he had to be truthful about his birthday from 1833. Founder of not only The Wall Street Journal but also the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Charles Henry Dow hedged his bets in 1851. Inventor of basketball, James Naismith stated dribbling in 1861. Son of mass car producer, (so long as it was black), Edsel Bryant Ford was his own individual model in 1893. Actor from sci-fi series Lost in Space, born Jonathan Charasuchin but known as Jonathan Harris wasn’t a problem child from 1914. Legendary comedian who rattled jokes off like no tomorrow, Hugh Francis ‘Frank’ Carson found it was a cracker in 1926. Alleged benefit fraudster James Marcus Smith who renamed himself P.J. Proby found he can’t make it alone in 1938. Founding member and singer in dad rock band The Eagles, Glen Lewis Frey was the new kid in town back in 1948, whilst a year later in 1949 suave act tor Nigel Havers was the charmer. Co-founder and CEO of Yahoo! Inc, Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang didn’t search for the best date to be born in 1968. Actress Melanie Thandie Newton has been the beloved daughter of her parents since 1972. Latter day forces sweetheart and glamour model, Tracey Jane ‘Nell’ McAndrew set the pace in 1973.

As for deaths, these are a bit thin on the ground and given Popes have been off the radar for a few days, Pope Innocent VII makes up for that given he didn’t get to wear his slippers with the Papal monogram after today in 1406. King of Sweden Gustav II Adolf fell in the field back in 1633. William II Prince of Orange was looking very white in 1650. Continuing with the ancient royal theme, Charles X King of France and Navarre saw his days out in Gorizia back in 1836. Composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky probably wished he’d drunk vodka rather than water in 1893. Irish gold medalist in the all round event, Thomas ‘Tom’ Francis Kiely keeled over in 1951. Tom Selleck lookey likey, actor Joel Anthony Crothers entered the dark shadows in 1985. Drug addicted Israeli singer with the bouffant hair Zohar Orkabi who came up with the equally snappy name of Zohar Argov was alone from 1987. Actress Gene Eliza Tierney found heaven couldn’t wait any longer in 1991. Fourth CEO of Volkswagen, Toni Schmücker created his own emissions scandal in 1996. Steeplejack and unlikely television personality Frederick ‘Fred’ Dibnah fell off his perch in 2004. Patriarch of perma-smile and white toothed 70’s family group, The Osmond’s – George Virl Osmond found he could stop in 2007. Known for his role as Lance Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, (whilst skimming over his hit ‘Grandad’), Clive Robert Benjamin Dunn has been at ease since 2012. Finally, Indian television cook and writer of numerous cook books, Tarla Dalal didn’t manage to finish her total health series range of books in 2013.


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