Famous & Infamos Births & Deaths 10th November

We start today’s births paragraph with the original Martin Luther who reformed his parents lives from 1483. King George II of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick -Lüneburg and Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire kept the long curly hair from 1683. Inventor of flushable toilets, (and sorry to disappoint you, but it wasn’t Thomas Crapper), but George Jennings who kept things clean when born in 1810. John Sparrow David Thompson, fourth leader from the land of maple syrup and mounted police, may have been born in 1845, but then again it could have been 1844. Early Indian political leader Surendranath Banerjee was a civil child from 1848. Not the greatest British Prime Minister, but American novelist who shared his name, Winston Churchill found himself in the uncharted way back in 1871. Film/stage actor William Claude Rains, found they won’t forget his birthday from 1889. Responsible for various Christmas hits, (well before a certain Mr N Holder came along), John D. ‘Johnny’ Marks got into the Christmas spirit early in 1909. Machine gun designer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalshnikov took aim in 1919. Russell David Johnson or ‘The Professor’ on Gilligan’s Island cast off in 1924. Elizabeth Taylors’ husband (x2) – Richard Walter Jenkins or Richard Burton had his breakthrough moment in 1925. Composer with the comb over hair do, Ennio Morricone started on the mission of life back in 1928. Roy Richard Scheider, known for his role in Jaws, Jaws 2 etc as well as The French Connection, (though not the clothes shop), was falling through in 1932. Actor Albert W. Hall had trouble in mind when born in 1937. David Edward Sutch who’s probably better known as top hat/leopard skin jacket wearing, gap toothed alternative politico Screaming Lord Sutch left his first deposit in 1940. Person co-responsible for various (somehow) popular musicals, Timothy Miles Bindon ‘Tim’ Rice raised the curtain on his life in 1944. One third of prog rock (read dull) and overlong records band Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Greg Stuart ‘Greg’ Lake started from the beginning in 1947. Actor from Downton Abbey (among other roles), Hugh Richard Bonneville Williams said, ‘Hola to the world’ in 1963. Given we’ve had Martin Luther and Winston Churchill mentioned above, it seems only right Kenny Rogers, (not the silver haired singer rambling on about loose wheels, who’s now flipping chickens in his takeaways), but baseball player who cleared first base in 1964. Edmund ‘Eddie’ Irvine Jr., former F1 driver started sending his parents around and around (continue for another 250 odd times) in circles from 1965. Also born that year, Sean Hughes – the comedian with the put upon look who got more coo’s than laughs.

Having said yesterday wasn’t a good one to be a British Prime Minister, today appears to be (another) bad one for Popes’ – I say this as Pope Leo I got to experience eternal peace from 461. Not quite a Pope but shipped over to England by Pope Gregory the Great, Justus Archbishop of Canterbury found his preaching was somewhat curtailed from 627. Next up is Pope Celestine IV who made sure the fire in the Vatican was at full tilt in 1241, then 308 years later in 1549 Pope Paul III found he was surplus to requirements. Native American leader of the Shawnee nation, Cornstalk or Hokoleskwa took his teepee down in 1777. Strongman of Canada, Cyprien-Noé Cyr who also went by the name of Louis Cyr, obviously lost his strength given he keeled over in 1912. MC of The Mickey Mouse Club, James Wesley ‘Jimmy’ Dodd found himself buried in 1964. Leonid IIyich Brezhnev was preserved in vodka for his lying in state back in 1982. Having starred in Bless This House, Diana Coupland has been starring in ‘Bless This Grave’ since 2006. Finally Indian author Vijaydan Dertha came to the end of his last chapter in 2013.


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