Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th November

We see the following being born this day: François Auguste René Rodin chipped away until making it through in 1840. Co-founder of doctors surgery and old biddies favourite magazine – Reader’s Digest, William Roy DeWitt Wallace was the apple of his granny’s eyes back in 1889. Not the revolutionary socialist with the same name, but Nazi supporting composer Karl Marx started orchestrating his entrance in 1897. Actor known for portraying Napaloni in The Dictator, Jack Oakie had the dummy in 1903. Game show host who didn’t play saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, Robert Wentworth John ‘Bob’ Holness had his first ‘P’ in 1928. Actress/Princess Grace Patricia Kelly entered high society in 1929. Co-writer for The Four Seasons, Robert Stanley ‘Bob’ Crewe didn’t hang on in 1930. Notorious murderer and cult leader Charles Milles Maddox/Manson, began his life sentence in 1934. Actor Jack Richard Nelson Betts or Hunt Powers, was cut in 1937. The singing Malteser (according to Chris Tarrant), Errol Brown found it started with a kiss in 1943. Member of the band named after him, Booker Taliaferro Jones Jr., left the melting pot in 1944. Sort of member of Crosby, Stills & Nash – Neil Young can’t quite say he’s lived the American Dream given he was born in Canada back in 1945. Norwegian of the day with the gravelly, (or as some might say 40 a day Capstan) voice, journo and television presenter Mariella Frostrup had her first audience in 1962. Ice skater/boxer who ‘sorted out’ Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Maxene Harding was through the ropes in 1970. Also born that year, known for playing Damien Thorne in The Omen, Harvey Spencer Stephens wasn’t a devilish child. Obviously named after Shakespeare’s wife, Anne (Jacqueline) Hathaway started causing havoc in 1982.

As for deaths, Pope Boniface III doesn’t have his birth date recorded, but it is known he croaked it in 607. King Cnut (or the more polite version Canute) the Great, didn’t succeed in stopping the tide, yet he succeeded in not breathing from 1035. Donnchad mac Mail Coluim or King Duncan II of Alban missed having the wind (and midges) whistling around inside his kilt from 1094. First Mayor of Paris Jean Sylvain Bailly found himself spliced in 1793. Olympic bronze medalist in 110 metres hurdles at the 1904 St. Louis games, Lesley Ashburner fell at the last in 1950. Actor William Holden headed toward the unknown in 1981. Known for playing the school principal in the Grease films, Eve Arden had that uncertain feeling in 1990. Part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience John Graham ‘Mitch’ Mitchell got to join his mate Jimi in 2008. Television/film character actor Al Ruscio was more burnt than medium rare in 2013. Finally, known for his role in A Clockwork Orange (among others), Alan James (who somehow managed to get Warren out of that), Clarke found he’s been very down to earth since 2014.


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