Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th November

The first ever Archbishop of Canterbury, Augustine of Canterbury started his journey back in 532, and gets to kick things off today. Ancient King of England Edward III stamped his authority in 1312. A few years later, Maharaja of Punjab and founder of the Sikh Empire, Ranjit Singh unfurled himself in 1780. Joseph Fielding Smith Sr., sixth President of champion door knockers The Church of the Latter Day Saints, (or Mormons), had his initial visit in 1838. Prince of Monaco and Duke of Valentinois with an interest in oceanography, Albert I found the waters broke in 1848. Known for his books – Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stephenson took the mystery away from when he started his adventures in 1850. First President of Pakistan, Iskander Ali Mirza took the lead in proceedings back in 1899. Film director Edward Buzzell was nearly a child of Manhattan, given he was born in Brooklyn in 1900. Another Archbishop of Canterbury gets a name check today, as George Leonard Carey graced us with his presence from 1935. Star of various Merchant-Ivory films, Athar ul-Haque ‘Art’ Malik was the jewel in his parents eyes after his birth in 1952. Caryn Elaine Johnson, who’s probably better known as dreadlocked actress Whoopi Goldberg found herself naked in New York for the first time in 1955. American comedian James Christian ‘Jimmy’ Kimmel, (never heard of him), couldn’t say, ‘I’m with her’ when born in 1967. Actor Gerard James Butler started off the cradle of life in 1969.

Having started the above paragraph with an Archbishop of Canterbury, we see Pope Nicholas I who succeeded in getting the conclave reunited back in 867. King Malcolm III of Scotland left his bottle of Scotch in 1093. Another ancient King, this one of Jerusalem – King Fulk, or Fulk the Younger fell off his horse in 1143. George Grenville, Prime Minister of Great Britain took his wig off in 1770. Archaeologist Adolphe Napoléon Didron got to experience what being in a hole in the ground was like from 1867. Composer of at least 39 operas, Giachino Antonio Rossini started to slim down after 1868. Subject of a film from 1983, (yes it was that long ago), Karen Gay Silkwood found herself extremely inactive from 1974. Himalayan yoga master Swami Rama adopted the prone position in 1996. Rapper with the distinctly un-showbiz name – Russell Tyrone Jones, but known by the slightly edgier sobriquet Ol’ Dirty Bastard certainly wasn’t back in the game from 2004. Finally, Montague George ‘Monty’ Westmore the American makeup artist had no say over the slap to give him some colour in 2007.


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