Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 19th November

People who have/are eating cake in celebration of their big day include, among others, King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland who racked up 49 years on the planet from 1600. Assassins target and 20th President of the United States of America, James Abram Graham enhanced his parents lives from 1831. Continuing the political theme, (and assassinated leaders) – no relation to robe/sandal wearing and stock carrying Mahatma, third Prime Minister of India with the silver streak in her hair Indira Priyadarshini Ghandi, (née Nehru), became independent of her mum in 1917. Norwegian of the day, sculptor Knut Steen broke through the mould in 1924. Also born that year, actor who portrayed Dr Who’s assistant Ian Chesterton in the first series, William Russell Enoch was an unearthly child. Known for his trouser braces and large microphone, Laurence Harvey Zeiger or Larry King, had his first show in 1933. Founder of 24 hour cable news channel CNN and ex-husband of Jane Fonda, Robert Edward Turner III initially became ‘mouth of the south’ in 1938. Actor who starred in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Daniel Francis ‘Dan’ Haggerty started grizzling in 1942. Underpant merchant now into perfumes and watches, Calvin Richard Klein must have got his inspiration for under-garments in 1942. Michael Parkinson’s least favourite interviewee, Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, (or just Meg Ryan), has never been one of the boys since 1961. Subject of John Hinckley’s unwanted attention Alicia Christian ‘Jodie’ Foster did the baby dance in 1962. Yet another Tour de France rider implicated in a doping scandal, Richard Virenque wasn’t blocking this day in 1969. Born in 1976, web-developer, entrepreneur founder of micro-blogging site Twitter Jack Dorsey’s 140 characters are nearly u . Heavily tattooed rapper Michael Ray Stevenson or TYGA, (Thank You God Always), to his fans waited longer than a minute to be born in 1989.

We start the deaths paragraph with Pope Anastasius II who must have been quite pleased to be out of the breezy Vatican in 498. Imaginatively named son of Ivan the Terrible, Ivan Ivanovich was Ivan the Stiff in 1581. French prisoner Eustache Dauger or The Man in the Iron Mask became the Man in the Wooden Box from 1703. Prolific composer Frank Peter Schubert became an unprolific decomposing composer in 1828. Sixth chief door knocker for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Joseph Fielding Smith Sr was to be found rattling the Pearly Gates in 1918. Silent movie actress Phyllis Haver gave her final (and best) death performance in 1960. Part of the Onassis clan, Christina Onassis went overboard in 1988. Only child of Doris Day, Terry Melcher – musician and record producer only managed to turn over once and that was for the last time in 2004. Finally, born Riccardo DiGuglielmo but known as Dick Wilson who starred in numerous Charmin toilet paper adverts wiped more than the floor in 2007.


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