Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th November

Today’s posting starts way back in 270 when chief toga wearer and laurel leaf wearer Maximinus II/Maximinus Daia/Maximinus Daza started off wrapped in a sheet. Francesco Saverio Castiglioni who went onto become Pope Pius VIII got his first blessing in 1761. Henri Charles Wilfred Laurier, seventh Prime Minister of old British outpost, Canada, didn’t break the record with his labour in 1841. Edwin Powell Hubble, (yes, the one who’s got a telescope named in his honour) saw through the aperture in 1889. Co-founder of diabetics favourite drug, insulin – James Bertram Collip had plenty of energy when born in 1892. Broadcaster best known for his radio, (though he’d probably say wireless) show Letter from America, Alastair Cooke made his presence known from 1908. Younger brother to ex-President of the United States of America, JFK, (the one with everything named after him), Robert Francis ‘Bobby’ Kennedy, (the one without everything named after him) was in his shadow from 1925. Born Colin Lionel Emm, but known to Americans as game show host Richard Dawson didn’t get involved with any family feuds once born in 1932. Having mentioned RFK (above), here’s another American politician, (just about) current 47th Vice President of the United States of America, Joseph Robinette ‘Joe’ Biden Jr., actually kept his promise and was born in 1942. Singer famous for his song Spirit in the Sky, Norman Greenbaum was more down to earth in 1942. Mary Cathleen Collins or Bo Derek had to wait until 1966 to hit 10. Michael Diamond who abbreviated that to Mike D, one of the VW badge thieves from The Beastie Boys, started to put his roots down in 1965. Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor arrived without prompting in 1976. Tattooed basketball player with the interesting name – Carlos Austin Boozer Jr., had his dad lift a glass in his honour back in 1981, whilst a year later risqué actress Margo Stilley had her first scene.

As for deaths, King Edmund of East Anglia found himself buried in Bury in 869. King John I of France who was mentioned five days ago upon his birth/coronation gets another go given he became John the Posthumous in 1316. Not quite a Pope, but papal nuncio Karl von Miltitz found he couldn’t swim in 1529. Leo Nikolayveich Tolstoy writer of epic novel War and Peace obviously tired of it given he rolled over in 1910. Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Consort of Great Britain, Ireland and Empress Consort of India left Sandringham in a box in 1925. Her youngest daughter who made it to Queen of Norway – Maud of Wales, (rather than anywhere in Norway), celebrated the 13th anniversary of her mum’s death by doing exactly the same thing in 1938. Clyde Vernon Cessna, he of little aircraft, found his life stalled in 1954. Born Allan Copelon, but finding fame as Allan Sherman, singer of novelty song ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah’ said, ‘Goodbye Muddah, Goodbye Faddah’ in 1973. Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco Bahamonde, didn’t get to experience mañana after today in 1975. Eighth Prime Minister of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe run by TIM – That Idiot Mugabe), Ian Douglas Smith failed to see any further Christmas’ from 2007. Finally, first man to reach the summit of K2, Lino Lacedelli entered his bivvy bag in 2009.


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