Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th November

We start today’s posting with violin maker Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri cased the joint after his birth in 1666. Andrew Carnegie started off life in a weaver’s cottage in Dunfermline back in 1835, before graduating to having a hall named after him in New York. Pioneering German engine designer and car engineer, not to mention being one half of Mercedes Benz, Karl Benz ignited the world upon his arrival in 1844. Boring old battle axe with a battle axe, (used to smash up licensed establishments) unhinged American temperance movement member, Carrie Amelia Moore Nation started to make everyone’s life miserable from 1846. First Pope to feature today, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli or Pope John XXIII elected to be born in 1881. Major League Baseball player Joseph Paul ‘Joe’ DiMaggio pitched it just right by arriving in 1914. Sash wearing el-presidenti of Chile, Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte seized the day in 1915. Singer Percy Tyrone Sledge hammered his way through in 1940. Probably the most famous Pakistani cricketer and politician, not forgetting being ex-husband to Jemima, Imran Khan Niazi was a dropper in 1952. Dishonest CEO of dishonest company Enron, Jeffrey Keith ‘Jeff’ Skilling was unable to manipulate the date of his birth in 1953. Choreographer and judge on boring dancing programme, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Bruno Tonioli hot footed it in 1955. Alcoholic ginger ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Peter Kennedy had high satisfaction rates (from his parents) in 1959. Bulgarian pole vaulter Galin Nikov jumped through in 1968. Twin daughters of ex-President G.W. Bush – Barbara and Laura started terrorising the world in 1981.

Deaths begin with Pope Peter of Alexandria who found things warmed up a bit in 311. King Malcolm II of Scotland failed to battle on after 1034. Pope Lucius III vacated the Vatican in 1185. Hymn writer Isaac Watts didn’t get the royalties from his songs performed at his funeral in 1748. Inventor/musician who perfected the modern Western concert flute, Theobald Böhm went D Flat in 1881. King Alfonso XII of Spain, he of waxed moustache and hat at a jaunty angle succumbed in 1885. American tap dancer/actor Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson was closer than one mile from heaven in 1949. Dutch draughts champion Herman Hoogland found his game was up in 1955. Dirge folk singer Nicholas Rodney ‘Nick’ Drake started the time of no reply in 1974. Also not making it through 1974 and person who started the tradition of alternative names as Secretary General of the United Nations – Thant, became known as U Thant. One of the best footballers, (and as it turned out drinkers), George Best was off side in 2005. Plus four and tweed wearing turkey farmer Bernard Matthews wasn’t so bootiful in 2010. Finally, Indian Kathak dancer Sitara Devi twirled off in 2014.


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