Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th November

Today’s posting begins with clergyman and founder of American university named in his honour, John Harvard had a pushy mum in 1607. Continuing the Harvard theme, first president of the university – Henry Dunster wasn’t to be outdone given he arrived in 1609. Getting her second mention within a week – Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Wales and Queen Consort of Norway got her minions to deliver her in 1869. Inventor of modern day air conditioning, Willis Haviland Carrier didn’t break out into a sweat when born in 1876. Given I mentioned his co-founder Bob Smith when he dried up, here we have other half of Alcoholics Anonymous founding team, William Griffith Wilson/Bill Wilson/Bill W had a sobering birth in 1895. Maurice James ‘Mac’ McDonald, co-founder of fast food restaurant with the clown and golden arches, not to mention being the bain of every street sweeper around the globe, didn’t hang about in 1902. Hotelier Charles Carmine Forte had his first service in 1908. Actor and dad to both Sinéad and Niamh (among other children), Cyril James Cusack had the cry of the innocent in 1910. Part Norwegian of the day, creator of Peanuts/Charlie Brown, Charles Monroe Schultz didn’t draw out his birth in 1922. Ernest Arthur ‘Ernie’ Coombs or as he became known, ‘Mr Dressup’, dressed down after being delivered in 1927. Small clothes wearer with the big hair, Anna Mae Bullock, ex-Mrs Ike Turner or Tina Turner showed some respect in 1939. Dad to macrobiotic fan Gwyneth, Bruce Weigert Paltrow was produced in 1943. Replacement singer to Diana Ross in The Supremes, Jean Terrell had high energy in 1944. Bass player in bickering band, Fleetwood Mac – John Graham ‘Mac’ McVie was able to squash the rumours over his birthdate in 1945. Son of left wing MP Tony, (the one with a girls name and round glasses), Hilary Benn made his maiden speech a year or so after 1953. Controversial Labour MP who has slipped from grace somewhat after his alleged party with cocaine and male escorts, Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz solicited his views from 1956. Australian comedian David Williams ‘Hughsey’ Hughes, deadpanned it after birth in 1970. Ivan Basso another alleged doped up cyclist had his first individual time trial in 1977.

As for deaths, these are very thin on the ground today, but Pope Siricius kicks things off given he left the balcony vacant from 399. Road builder who invented macadamisation, John McAdam came to the end of his road in 1836. Firearms designer John Moses Browning discharged himself in 1926. Mum to Walt and Roy, Flora Call Disney wasn’t so animated after 1938. One time Goon, Michael Bentine – born Michael James Bentin became one of golden silents in 1996. Finally, proper gangster Francis Davidson ‘Mad Frankie’ Fraser was a lot more mellow from 2014.


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