Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th November

Today we see the births of the following, starting with Sophie Magdalene Brandenburg- Kulmbach, queen consort of Denmark and Norway was no longer a baby in waiting after her birth in 1700. Having mentioned King Alfonso XII of Spain a mere three days ago when he died, here he is again given he wasn’t too sure who his dad was from 1857. One of the famous, (or is it infamous?) Mitford Sisters, Nancy Freeman-Mitford started her life story in 1904. Founder of the Motown record label Berry Gordy Jr., mastered the birth thing in 1929. Masahito, Prince Hitachi, (who’s nothing to do with the electronics company) but part of the Japanese royal family started off with a Nintendo game name – Prince Yoshi in 1935. Democratic contender for President of the United States of America back in 1988, (until his affair with Donna Rice became public), Gary Warren Hartpence who then dropped the pence to become Hart, was in front (for once) in 1936. Singer/songwriter Randall Stuart ‘Randy’ Newman had his awakening in 1943. 80’s/90’s Olympic athlete who now makes a living laughing into television cameras, Keize Uchechukwu Duru Akabusi or Kris Akabusi didn’t have a false start in 1958. Ex-head of Dior before launching his own label, John Charles Galliano who liked a drink while slagging off different religions and nationalities was a crinkled baby in 1960. Actor with the big ears and distinctive face, Alexander Martin Clunes was a baby behaving badly in 1961. Responsible for creating Alan Partridge, (among other creations), Armando Iannucci was in the thick of it back in 1963. Gerontophile, Playboy model and prescription medication addict, Vickie Lynn Hogan but known to everyone as Anna Nicole Smith made it to the limit in 1967. First Norwegian to feature today, long haired member of metal band Darkthrone, Gylve Fenris Nagell, who goes by the name Fenriz, shouted his way out in 1971. Second Norwegian is black metal band member Sigurd Wongraven or Satyr began life in white (nappies/diapers) 41 years ago.

It’s another quiet day on the deaths front , yet we start with Pope Gregory III who assumed the prone position in 741. Having mentioned the founder and fellow president of Harvard College the other day, here we see unpopular president of the same establishment – Leonard Hoar learnt about death in 1675. King of Burma, Naungdawyi died of King’s evil in 1763. Inventor of basketball James Naismith didn’t get up (or down) after 1939. Founder of tennis prize the Davis Cup and politician, Dwight Filley Davis Sr., had his final stroke in 1945. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands relinquished the throne in favour of Juliania back in 1962. Another queen, this one of children’s tales, Enid Mary Blyton didn’t get to go on any further adventures from 1968. Serial killer of at least 17 people Jeffrey Dahmer got a taste of his own medicine in 1994. Also not making it through that year, Great Train Robber/flower seller, Ronald Christopher ‘Buster’ Edwards had the left over flowers used at his funeral. Finally, comedy actor Leslie William Nielsen was repossessed in 2010.


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