Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th November

People who have/will be ripping open their presents on this St. Andrew’s Day, include, among others, 95th Archbishop of Canterbury (the one with the excessive sideburns), Frederick Temple started preaching his ways from 1821. Samuel Langhorne Clemens who went by the pen name Mark Twain, began his own adventures in 1835. Founder of high end Canadian jewellery store bearing his name, Henry Birks was a sparkle in his parents eyes from 1840. Sixth President of Brazil Afonso Augusto Moreira Pena may have been the first to die in office, but he certainly wasn’t born in it back in 1847. The best ever Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who also had a decent sense of humour, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill started sorting things out from 1874. Sidekick to Danny Kaye – Virginia Clara Jones, or as she was also known Virginia Mayo, wasn’t up in arms about being born in 1920. Having mentioned Allan Sherman a mere ten days ago when he stopped breathing, here he is again given he was a novelty act to his parents in 1924. Film director we have to thank for the first three Rambo films, (among others), Richard Donald Crenna wasn’t marooned in 1926. Easy listening singer Francis Edward ‘Frank’ Ifield started having his mum say, ‘Good morning, dear’ from 1937. Also born that year, older bro to Tony, Ridley Scott was one of the duellists. June Pointer who funnily enough joined family group The Pointer Sisters, (it must have been a cold day when they came up with that name), was so excited at being born in 1953. Punk singer with the distinctly un-punk name of William Michael Albert Broad, now known for his leather jacket, bleached hair and sneer, Billy Idol had a nurse catch his fall in 1955. Crisp seller who rambles on about the off side rule and various other dull football (soccer to my American followers) terms, Gary Winston Lineker had his hospital pass in 1960. Benjamin Edward Meara ‘Ben’ Stiller got to meet the parents in 1965. Late starter in the comedy stakes, John Joseph Bishop has been in a league of his own since 1966. Another Tour de France cyclist implicated in a doping scandal, Laurent Jalabert wasn’t a climber in 1968. Norwegian of the day is chess grandmaster Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen took the critical position in 1990. Having missed a few friends off the list the other year, I’ll mention (in no particular order), Helen Goody, Nicola Day and Lorna Strawn are also blowing an extra candle out this year…

As for deaths, Edmund Ironside (minus the wheelchair) who also went by the name Edmund II handed the baton, or rather sword to Cnut (you read it right), the Great in 1016. King Charles XII of Sweden lost the ermine in 1718. Optician John Dolland (who’s chain is still going under the guise of Dolland & Aitchison), didn’t get to see anything after 1761. Noted Irish wit mentioned on 16th October when he started out in life, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde found his saying, ‘Nothing is so aggravating as calmness’ come true in 1900. Aviatrix Hélène Boucher levelled out in 1934. Next up is Paul Masson, not the person responsible for un-drinkable wine, but cyclist who scooped a few medals throughout his career found his stabilisers taken away from him in 1945. British dramatist Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan failed the final test in 1977. Given I mentioned his brother the other day, here’s Herbert Manfred ‘Zeppo’ Marx who ‘went to the disco’ permanently in 1979. Herbert Khaury or dyed curly haired singer with the ukulele, Tiny Tim didn’t get to tip toe through the tulips again as he started pushing up the daises from 1996. Stunt rider Robert Craig ‘Evel’ Knievel didn’t get to jump let alone get up again after 2007. Finally, 12th Prime Minister of India, Inder Kumar Gujral would have made his 93rd birthday if he hadn’t have keeled over five days before it in 2012.


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