Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 1st December

We begin today’s posting with King of the Franks who went by the name Louis VI aka ‘the Fat’ but was quite petite in 1081. Anna-Maria ‘Marie’ Tussaud (née Grosholtz) founder of wax works museums now found around the world, broke the mould in 1761. Alexandra of Denmark – Queen consort of the United Kingdom and Ireland plus its associated dominions, along with being Empress of India had the silver spoon removed from her mouth in 1844. Actress and muse to Rodgers and Hammerstein, (along with being Larry Hagman’s mum), Mary Virginia Martin didn’t turn somersaults in birth back in 1913. Famous Belgian alert as we see Maurice De Bevere, or just ‘Morris’ illustrated how to be born in 1923. Singing bus driver who went onto become an international crooner, Matt Monro was born free in 1930. Louis Allen Rawls, abbreviated to the rather unfortunate Lou Rawls didn’t have trouble down here below in 1933. Neurotic clarinet player and husband to ex-step daughter Soon-Yi Previn, Allen Stewart Konigsberg or Heywood ‘Woody’ Allen was born in The Bronx rather than Manhattan in 1935. Champion divot maker, Lee Buck Trevino was the driving force in 1939. Another comedian and film actor taken too soon, Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor wondered which way is up? in 1940. Hawaiian born singer and actress, Bette Midler found the wind beneath her bottom in 1945. Fellow singer, this one from Ireland who had a few hit singles in the 1970’s and is still plugging away out there (somewhere), Gilbert O’Sullivan was a scruff at heart in 1946. Unofficial zoo keeper and notorious drug lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria made his first escape in 1949. The Poisoned Dwarf, best known for playing Lucy Ewing in Dallas, Charlene Tilton left the point of entry in 1958. Actress/screenwriter and daughter of John Mortimer, Emily Kathleen Anne Mortimer was lovely and amazing to her parents in 1971. Aiko, Princess Toshi, (although she sounds like a Moshi Monster character), has actually been a member of the Japanese royal family since 2001.

As for deaths, we start with ancient King of England – Henry I or Henry Beauclerc started the run of following Kings with his name from 1135. Another ancient King, this one from Sweden – Magnus II vacated the throne in 1161. Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici or Pope Leo X didn’t get his last rites read to him whilst he gasped his last in 1521. Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland, Alexander I of Russia kept people guessing for a few years over whether he’d actually died in 1825. Pope Pius VIII had his penultimate audience given he went to higher places in 1830. Surveyor and geographer who has the mountain and double glazing company named after him, Colonel Sir George Everest found himself another six feet deeper from the 29,029 feet (or 8,848 metres) summit in 1866. Proper Russian ‘Bolshy’ Sergey Kirov took a bullet in 1934. Occultist and mountaineer (of all things), ex-Redhill resident Aleister Crowley had his own unique send off in 1947. Greek athlete who plodded and wheezed his way to become the first person to win a marathon race, Charilaos Vasilakos didn’t get his breath back in 1964. Irving Lee Dorsey known for his hit, ‘Working in the Coal Mine’ obviously got some dust in his lungs given he died from emphysema in 1986. Finally, act tor of various genres, including second rate sit-coms, Anthony ‘Anton’ Rogers has been the man who’s haunted himself since 2007.


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